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Q&A with Halldór: I chose Spencer jacket this year

26/10/2022 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Halldór Helgason is known for his absolutely stylish, creative, fun and often crazy snowboarding. Together with his older brother Eiki, they made Iceland (not exactly snowboarding friendly island) very famous. Both of them are a proof that where there's a will, there's a way, and that even shaping home-made rails behind the house can lead you to a pro snowboarding career. Check out Halldor's legendary riding in his last video part in the Scandalnavians 2 movie, or in his own movie, which was released last year, KÓZY. But now, let's have a look at the combo in which Halldór rides this year in his new Horsefeathers video edit.

What’s your jacket and pants choice for the winter season 22/23?

This year I went for the Spencer Jacket in black/grape leaf color and the Charger pants in black. Both in size XL.

Why did you choose those exact models? 

I'm hyped about the fit and the look.

Which technical features can’t be missing on your winter jacket?

Nice fitting hoodie and light and flexible fit.

Halldór's combo: Spencer jacket & Charger pants

Halldór Helgason loves anoraks and shows most of his skills in them. This year he decided to return to earthy colors and his choice is the non-insulated Spencer anorak in black/grape leaf with a 10,000 mm water column. Thanks to the laminated UltraTech® membrane, it is a great protection against snow and rain and it's an excellent choice for the park or for chill riding in the resort. Halldór's choice of the pants was our bestseller and the team's favorite Charger pants in black with 15,000 mm water resistance.

And what about the snowboard pants, what’s the most important thing for you, when it comes to that?

The fit and the waterproofness.

From the scale 1-10 (10 ist the most) how important is design/style for you, regarding winter outerwear?

10: if you feel and look good, you ride good.

Do you have any big plans for the upcoming season?

Snowboard as much as possible, get my daughter on a snowboard and make a Lobster Movie.



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