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Q&A with Fabian: For me, it's definitely Asher vest & Dough shirt

31/10/2022 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Fabian Fraidl is our favorite Austrian park and street killer, who comes this year with his new full part called "FOOTLOOSE". Yes, you guessed it right, this video will be full of one-foot or even no-foot tricks, that only confirm Fabi's creative and unconventional approach to snowboarding. So let's take it in order, firstly, in the new Horsefeathers video spot, check out what Fabi decided to wear this year in the street and snowparks around Innsbruck, read the short Q&A and don't forget to watch, the already mentioned, full part "FOOTLOOSE" , which was recently published on Method mag.

In which Horsefeathers pieces are you riding this year?

Water-repellent Dough insulated shirt - yellow XXL, Asher vest - black XXL, Drown hoodie - ash XXL, Nelson pants - black XL

Why did you choose this combo?

It has good loose fit and the colors are popping great on the highlights. And I can combine it with casual street style.

What's the most important thing for you, when it comes to winter outerwear?

I can easily switch layers depending on the weather.. means I can shred all day with the vest or shirt and then switch to the hoodie while hiking. And that I can wear the same stuff on the mountain and on the streets of Innsbruck.

From the scale 1-10 (10 ist the most) how important is design/style for you, regarding winter outerwear?


And from the scale 1-10 how important are technical paremetres like water resistance, breathability etc. for you, regarding winter outerwear?


Fabi's combo: Asher vest & Dough shirt

Fabi is a snowboard wizard! He is doing tricks no one else does. Freedom of movement is very important to him, which is why his favorite combo from this year's collection is the insulated water-repellent Dough technical shirt, the practical waterproof and breathable Asher vest made of ripstop upper material and the Nelson snowboard pants with a 20,000 mm water column, which belong to our top hi-end product for several seasons.

Tell us something more about your new full part "FOOTLOOSE" that has been released on Method mag just now, please.

For the past year I have been working on a full part. It was the first time in my career, where I chose to do it by myself, the whole process - scouting, riding, editing - you name it. With „Footloose“ I want to showcase a different approach to snowboarding emphasizing on creativity and out of the box trickery. The name is the game. You will see a bunch of one - and no - foot tricks, as well as snow skate section.

Supported by Bataleon, Horsefeathers, Deeluxe Boots, Ambition Snowskates

Filmed by Jacco Bos

Edited by Fabian Fraidl & Volker Schicke

Additional filming from Oskar Frizsche, Christian Kirsch, Simon Gritsch, Marina Alonso

How long have you been working on it? Where did you film it?

I have been working on it all season 2022, together with my filmer Jacco Bos. It's mostly filmed in and around Innsbruck and Arlberg area.

Do you have any more big plans for the upcoming season?

For this upcoming season I want to film as much as possible, take part in some contests and do a street trip to Norway along the way.



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