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Q&A with Tyler: Crown jacket is a bright colored choice for me!

9/11/2022 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Tyler Chorlton, a rider from Andorra, who has been with us at HF for 7 great years, is known for his legendary elbow carve and the incredible ride flow he brings to every single ride. His snowboarding could easily be called an art. The proof of this is the latest video called PARALLEL, in which he and Victor Deviet do some pretty sharp synchronized turns. Tyler chose a distinctive combo for this year, which without a doubt, will only underline his unique riding style. See for yourself in his new Horsefeathers spot.

Your HF outerwear combo for this year is Crown jacket in mimosa yellow and Nelson pants in phantom color. Why did you choose those exact pieces? What makes you choose them?

I’ve been riding the top of the range jacket since I first joined Horsefeathers 7 years ago, which has been amazing and I was randomly trying on the samples and thought the Crown was such a good jacket for such a good price, that it needed to be pushed. And anyone who knows my riding knows I like bright colored jackets!

Which technical features can’t be missing on your winter jacket?

I can’t wear jackets that don’t have wrist cuffs so that’s a must and definitely enough insulation.

And what’s the most important thing for you, when it comes to snowboard pants?

That they’re baggy enough :D

From the scale 1-10 (10 is the most) how important is design/style for you, regarding winter outerwear?

I guess about an 8, although I don’t think about it too much as long as I have room to move and do my tricks comfortably, I’m happy.

Tyler's combo: Crown jacket & Nelson pants

Tyler's incredible flow can be watched for hours, whether he's riding backcountry or side-hits. In recent years, he is mainly known for his innovative elbow carves, proving our shell materials hard. Tyler really cares about the technical parameters of his outerwear, so this year he chose the Crown jacket with 15,000 mm/15,000 gm water resistance and breathability, complemented by the team's favorite Nelson pants in phantom color, which are among our top hi-end backcountry products. Tyler's winter gear also includes a lightweight Asher ripstop jacket and Knox snowboard goggles.

From the scale 1-10 (10 is the most) how important are technical paremetres like water resistance, breathability etc. for you, regarding winter outerwear?

This one’s a 9 for sure, you gotta have the right gear in the elements!

Together with Victor Daviet you just realeased a Volume 6 - PARALLEL video and it’s an absolute bomb! Can you tell us more about it, please? Who’s idea it was? Where and how long did you film it?

Thank you! Yeah we had a great time filming for 3 days in Avoriaz, France. I got a phone call from Victor saying he was planing to do some kind of elbowcarve edit again for his video series “DVD” and asked if I’d be down to join him, as he had been talking to a good friend about me before. I had just hurt my rib a few days before and really couldn’t elbowcarve on my right arm so I didn’t know if I was going to manage, I planned to just do everything switch or on my other arm, but I can only guess thanks to my Kangen water I was only a bit sore on the first day of shooting. By the second day it had gone and I had completely forgotten about it, because we had a new pain to think about as we both had super swollen big red bruised forearms :D

Do you have any big plans for the upcoming season? Something that we can look forward to?

I’m hoping to film some kind of other elbowcarve edit, spend some more time in Avoriaz, the Bataleon lodge at absolutepark in Austria and wherever the season takes me in between.



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