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Q&A with Šimon: My this year's choice is Spencer jacket

5/12/2022 | Horsefeathers / Renča

If you ever meet a tall, super creative freeski rider on the slopes with his pants slightly lowered below his butt, there is a high chance that it will be our Czech freeskier, Šimon "Šimba" Bartík. Together with Tomáš Kroczek, they create the Tupý hrany podcast, and with Dan Hanka, our other HF rider, they released the CzechMate freeski video series. By the way, their latest video called "Working Out" was released just recently, so be sure to not miss it. In a short Q&A, Šimba showed us his outerwear combo of this year and also revealed some of his plans for this season.

Hi Šimba, in which pieces you can be seen riding this year?

Heyy! This year my is my favorite jacket Spencer in lava red or mimosa yellow, and if I want something more technical, I go for Ripple jacket in navy color. And regarding pants, I have Madler bib pants or Howell II non bib pants, which I change according to the weather. Once it's warmer, I take the jacket off and shred in my extremely favorite Asher vest. I combine it with any HF sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt.

Why this exact combo? What did catch your eye on it?

I really like the lightness of the Spencer jacket, but at the same time the pleasant and functional material. I also enjoy the color combination, especially my favorite yellow. I haven't had the chance to subject Ripple to more extreme conditions yet, but the material looks great. I also like the pants in the classic black color.

What's an absolute must-have for you when it comes to winter jacket?

To not be heavy and that it does not get wet right away. I hate heavy jackets, I can't ride in them and they don't even fit in my backpack. Both Spencer and Ripple are great at this.

Šimba's combo: Spencer jacket & Medler pants

Šimba is a versatile freeskier mainly focused on filming, so needs to be visible. That's why he chose a non-insulated Spencer anorak in lava red or mimosa yellow. Moreover, 10,000 mm waterproofness and a full pack of technical features combined with Medler bib pants are ideal for all-around riding.

And what about your ski pants, what can not be missing on them?

Of course, waterproofness, good pockets and black color - when it comes to pants, I'm more conservative. Sometimes I like to ride in bib pants, sometimes I don't.

How important is the design/style of winter outerwear to you? From 1-10 (10 is the most).

Style is very important to me. I like to match with the color of my skis or poles, sometimes I like to be extravagantly colored like a parrot, sometimes dark. My pants are slightly lowered below my butt, when I started it was in and it still sticks to me. 10/10.

Not long ago, together with Danihell, you published the 4th volume of CzechMate entitled "Working Out". How would you describe it in a few words?

The joy of spring riding in Switzerland and Austria and eating rice from a rice cooker with tuna and soy sauce for about a month straight. We premiered it at the High Five international festival and at the Prague Freeski Premiere, and it received positive reviews everywhere, so I'm very satisfied.

Any plans for this season that you reveal?

Continuation of CzechMate with Daniel, traveling around Europe and maybe even across the big pond (psst), freeski camp and some other events. I already have one shot from the street, so maybe something like that? Anyway, thanks a lot HF! ❤



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