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Christmas collection of snb & freeski movies from our riders

21/12/2022 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Are you tired of watching Christmas movies which you've probably already seen a thousand times? Same here. But don't worry, we won't let you down. We have prepared for you a summary of the latest snowboard and freeski movies and videos from our riders that were released this season. So grab the remaining sweets or other Christmas goodies, sit back and tune in to the snowboarding and freeskiing vibes with us, even during the holidays!


Fake Teeth Real Friends is a new snowboard movie from the famous Rusty Toothbrush crew. In addition to our Czech rider Dušan Kříž, you can also see other great riders in it, Alex Stewart, Simon Gruber, Veroniqi Hanssen, Nicholas Bridgman, Selena Sanchez and Federica Scampoli. The film was directed and edited by Alex Stewart, and as he said about it: "This snowboard movie is a tribute to our teeth that are slowly loosening and the bonds of friendship that are forever strengthening."


The DomeTrash Crew, consisting of Kasper de Zoete, Wouter Groot and Jordi Spa, spent 6 weeks in Finland on street spots. The guys describe it like this: "Last winter seemed very surreal. From the on-and-off covid restrictions to the ridiculous weed prices in Finland. Having the luxury of spending a winter with your friends in a snowy town is already a great phenomenon in itself, but locking your tricks in whilst the nearby pedestrians are commuting to work creates an even more alienating feeling. Boundaries of reality become more vague as we become more alienated from society every time we tumble down a set of stairs." Hence the name: Limbo.


The long-awaited final of the 1st series of CzechMate, behind which are Danihell Hanka and Šimon "Šimba" Bartík, is finally here! This time in a form of a tiny movie. From fresh corduroy of Livigno jumps we've seen in Ep.3 we'll make switch into what most of us like the most - the slushy spring shredding. This time they sticked around Innbruck's famous spot Nordkette for the last week of the season in Austria. After Nordkette closed it's gates for good, they roadtripped to Switzerland, where they spent a great time in the Alaia glacier park. Now please enjoy the CzechMate season 1 finale.


This year, Fabian Fraidl comes with his new full part called "FOOTLOOSE". Yes, you guessed it right, this video will be full of one-foot or even no-foot tricks that only confirm Fabi's creative and unconventional approach to snowboarding. Fabi describes his new edit as follows: "I have been working on my full part for the last year. For the first time in my career, I decided to do it myself, the whole process from scouting, riding, editing, you name it. In "FOOTLOOSE" I want to show a new approach to snowboarding with an emphasis on creativity and unconventional tricks. The name is a play on words. You can look forward to a lot of one-foot and no-foot tricks, as well as a snow skate section."


In March 2022, Czech freeskier Daniel Hanka hosted a selected crew of 12 invited riders at his home resort, Skicentrum Deštné v Orlickych Horách. Each invited skier was accompanied by a filmer of their choice. At Skicentrum Deštné, riders had six days to ski and film their hearts out in a custom snowpark built just for this purpose by YourPark crew. The rider-filmer teams had all summer to create their best edit from the event, showcasing the spirit and vibe of skiing as they see fit. Here are videos from our two HF freeskiers who participated in the DaniHell Hanka Invitational 2022 video contest. One from the organizer himself, DaniHell, and one from Šimon "Šimba" Bartík. Enjoy!

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