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Q&A with Zoltán: I like the color and fit of the Norman jacket

4/1/2023 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Our Slovak team rider Zoltán Strcuľa feels like a fish in water on the street spots, but he does not disdain a good snow park or fresh powder. He has currently moved his winter location from Innsbruck, Austria to Laax, Switzerland, where he will spend the season in one of the best parks in Europe. And we can't wait for the street and park videos that will come out of it! For now, let's tune in with Zoltán's short spot video and Q&A, in which he will introduce us his newest HF combo.

Hi Zoltán, tell us, in which combo we can see you ride this year?

Hi, I chose the Norman jacket in combination with the Charger pants. Both in the color variant Violet. Pants also in color Black.

What catched your eye about this combo?

At the end of last season, we had a photo shoot of the new collection where I saw this combo for the first time and I was immediately impressed by the color combination and fit.

What can not be missing on your winter jacket?

Extended fit, pockets and good water resistance to keep me dry even after several falls or in the weather changes.

And what is a must-have for you, when it comes to snowboard pants?

Good fit to feel free, I don't like tight pants. At the same time, they have to be breathable, so that I don't boil in them when I hike park or spots in the streets. The snow belt is also a great gadget, I always have it on.

Zoltán's combo: Norman jacket & Charger pants

Zoltán is a street rider, but he also kills it in the park. Among his favorite jacket is our Norman anorak. The non-insulated Norman is equipped with a 15,000 mm waterproofness, and you will appreciate its side zipper. The matching Charger pants complete his basketball-inspired combo. Zoltán completes this with Edmond goggles in the color black/smoke.

How important is style for you when riding? From 1-10 (10 is the most).

Definitely 10.

Where are you spending the winter this year?

I moved to Laax, Switzerland. I will spend the most time here, in one of the best parks in Europe.

Do you have any plans for this season?

I'm planning to film in the streets, and we'd like to film a few episodes from the snow park with the crew. But mainly to have fun and enjoy snowboarding. I hope it will snow a lot and we'll get tons of powder. I heard it's great in Laax.


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