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Family ride with Baša Števulová

7/5/2023 | Horsefeahers / Renča

We all know Baša Števulová as a great snowboarder. In recent years, however, you can quite often see her riding on two wheels as well. According to her, it was her partner, Tomáš Pagáč, who has been doing trails and enduro for some time now, who brought her to the bike. Their six-year-old son, Tobiáš, also succumbed to the charm of mountain biking, and now he explores bike trails, but also motocross tracks with Tomáš like a boss. And three-year-old Ida, the youngest member of the crew, who strictly controls everything from the comfort of a child's seat on Baša's bike, completes the gang. This is #teamtobidush a.k.a Baša, Tomáš, Tobiáš and Iduš and their #familyride.

Baša, we all know you as a snowboarder. How and when did you get into bike?

Baša: I probably wouldn't have thought of biking the way I started with Tomáš. One thing is to ride a city bike, and another to ride trails and enduro. But since I like adrenaline and I feel better in nature than in the city, deciding whether to ride or not was not difficult.

So the main "push", in a good sense of the word, came from Tomáš, right?

Baša: As I say, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be biking. But now I'm really glad that thanks to him I had the opportunity to try another sport.

How long have you been biking, Tomáš?

Tomáš: From the end of the 90s until 2005, I raced as a junior in downhill and fourcross - a lot of competitions later brought some injuries, and it ended with a fall at the World Championships in 2005, after which I didn't even touch a bike for more than 10 years. I've been riding again since 2017 and can't understand how I've been off the bike for so long. Most of the time I go pedaling on my bike, but I prefer tracks full of jumps. And family riding - that's my favorite discipline :)

Did the two of you go biking together before having kids, or did it only start with Tobiáš?

Baša: I don't really remember, but to be honest, we don't ride much together even now, since we have no one to watch the kids. And riding with children is not the same after all.

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When did Tobiáš start riding a bike?

Baša: Relatively early. He was not even 3 years old when he first started.

Tobiáš is currently also riding trails with Tomáš, and he seems to enjoy it a lot. Must be great to have a bike buddy like that, huh?

Baša: Tomáš is the happiest that Tobiáš likes it that much and he is really good at it as well. Sometimes I can't watch it, to be honest, so Tomáš is the one who mainly rides trails with Tobiáš. I'm not going to lie, seeing a 6 year old go crazy on the trails isn't exactly for every mom, haha.

How often do you manage to go out on a bike all together?

Baša: All together clearly more often than just the two of us with Tomáš.

And what about Ida, who still rides the bike with you as a passenger. How does she feel about it? Does she enjoy it?

Baša: Ida prefers to let herself be riden. In a rucksack on the slope, on the seat of the bike and watching everything. She takes her time and it's ok. But I'm really looking forward to when she starts riding herself. I can already picture her in a tulle skirt on the trails, haha.

Where do you like to ride the most?

Baša: The Little Carpathians in Slovakia are a bottomless store of riding, and outside of Slovakia our favorite place is the Italian Molveno. There are great trails for the kids and for us as well.

Can you tell us some tips and tricks on how to enjoy riding with kids as much as possible?

Baša: Tips and tricks to enjoy anything, is not to stress about everything :)



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