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Tips from Horsefeathers bike riders

22/8/2023 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Are you starting with bike and would you like some tips and tricks on what to focus on while learning and what to watch out for? Or would you just like to take your bike skills to the next level? Either way, in collaboration with our HF bike riders, we've created a universal bike manual for you that covers everything from jumping on a bike for beginners, to freestyle for beginners, freestyle for advanced riders, freeride for advanced riders and tips for female beginner enduro bike riders and advice on how to travel safely with a bike. Our riders compiled these tips and tricks from their own years of experience, so be sure not to miss them!

From the left Pavla, Tomáš, Tomáš, Teodor, Jakub, Filip, Gaspi and Vilibald.


Just put your email in the form, and all the wisdom of the Horsefeathers bike team will arrive into your inbox. Our riders shed light on the following bike topics for you, in which they discussed how to do it, frequent mistakes and their personal recommendations, tips and advice.


Jakub Hejl

Jakub Hejl is a freestyle MTB biker from Velké Meziříčí. He belongs to the absolute top in his discipline. In May 2022, he took 2. place at the silver stop of the FMB tour in Zurich, 3. place this year at the silver stop of the FMB tour in Ostrava - HF Iron Town, and he also has a world first in the form of a 360 double tail whip to barspin trick. You can read his welcome interview here.


Teodor Kováč

Teo currently belongs to the top of the Czech MTB freestyle and freeride scene. In 2022, he took home a silver medal from the world's largest MTB gravity festival Crankworx in Innsbruck and, as he says, his goal is to constantly improve his riding. We like Teo's versatility, creativity and team spirit. You can find out more in his Welcome interview here.


Pavla Balíková

Pavla Balíková is a Czech biker who is primarily dedicated to the discipline of enduro. In 2022, she took overall 1st place at the Blinduro races and 2nd place overall at the Czech Enduro Series. Pavla is definitely not afraid of speed and technique, and we are glad that she joined the HF bike team. You can read more about Pavla and women's enduro biking in her Welcome interview.


Vilibald Vítek

Vilibald is a stylist and easy-going, but when he steps on the pedals of his bike, flames appear. He got onto MTB biking from BMX and he holds first places in both of these disciplines. He was the first Czech to do a double backflip on BMX bike. And he was not lazy on the MTB bike as well and was the first Czech to send a triple backflip there. We enjoy Vilibald's style and flow incredibly, and we can watch his rider edit over and over again. You can read more about Vilibald in his Welcome interview.


Richard "Gaspi" Gasperotti

Gaspi is a legendary Czech freerider. Among other things, he started 4 times at the toughest MTB freeride competition RedBull Rampage in Utah, USA, and 5 times took part in the Crankworx in Whistler. He rode down a few active volcanoes and traveled the world by bike as part of his Zam project. 20 years ago, he was one of the first members of our bike team, and we're even more pleased that he's still there. Find his Welcome interview here and his last crazy freeride from the Guatemalan volcanoes here.


Tomáš Zejda aka Leader

Leader is a professional biker, passionate traveler and occasional cook who prefers to go everywhere barefoot. During his legendary career so far, he has participated in countless major world competitions and shows, including the prestigious Red Bull Rampage. In the last two years, Leader has two first congresses to his credit. Last year he cycled the African mountain Kilimajaro and this year Mera Peak in Nepal.  Find out more about Tomáš aka Leader in the interview here.

Watch the video from the last joint Horsefeathers bike shooting.

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