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Care guide: How to keep your Horsefeathers tech products in perfect condition

22/11/2023 | Horsefeathers

During adventures in nature and our favorite outdoor activities, we demand maximum performance from our technical clothing. We need it to keep us dry, warm, and comfortable in all weather conditions. To ensure that our technical clothing provides optimal functionality and a long lifespan, it is crucial to give it proper care. Let's take a look at how to properly care for Horsefeathers technical clothing.

Rain, snow, or mud? Our outerwear and technical products are exposed to the elements of weather every day.
But that's what they are made for! However, you can extend their lifespan with proper care.
The basis should be regular cleaning and impregnation using preparations intended for technical products.

Our technical and outdoor clothing is exposed to and tested by all possible weather conditions daily. From rain and wind to mud, snow, and frost. To keep our products up to the challenges of outdoor and sports activities, they are equipped with special layers and membranes that provide sufficient waterproofing and breathability. However, proper care is essential to maintain the functionality of these materials. The ideal choice is cleaning detergents and impregnations from, that will ensure that our favorite technical pieces remain in the best possible condition and serve us for as long as possible. We recommend cleaning detergents and impregnations from the Grangers brand, which is a renowned leader in the development and production of cleaning detergents, impregnations, and care products for clothing and footwear.

A range of products from the Grangers brand that you can find on our e-shop.

How to wash our technical clothing 

Cleaning and washing technical clothing are integral parts of maintaining its performance and durability. The first and fundamental rule is to adhere to the care instructions provided on the clothing label. For technical materials such as microfibers, membranes, and other special treatments, this information is crucial. In general, technical clothing should not be washed with regular detergents containing fabric softeners, as they can negatively impact the material's properties. It is recommended to use special laundry detergents designed for functional textiles, preserving their water resistance and breathability. Cleaning should be gentle, without the use of aggressive chemicals, to prevent damage to the specific layers and treatments on the clothing that ensure its technical properties.

Here are a few practical tips on how to keep your technical clothing in optimal condition:

The most optimal cleaning method: The most suitable way to clean is by hand, in lukewarm water. If this is not possible, wash technical clothing separately in the washing machine from other garments.

Selecting the cleaning detergent: Select a cleaning product suitable for the type of technical fabric your clothing is made of. Ensure that the product is gentle on waterproof membranes. For instance, the Grangers brand offers a specially developed product, Grangers Wash + Repel Clothing 2 in 1, which cleans and impregnates in one cycle. It is ideal for the regular maintenance of all technical clothing, including garments with GORE-TEX® membranes and other waterproof materials.

Preparing the garments: Before placing the clothing in the washing machine, ensure that all pockets are empty, and all zippers, including dry zips and vent openings, are closed. You can turn the clothing inside out to protect the outer layers and details.

Dosing the cleaning detergent: Follow the instructions on the cleaning detergent's packaging regarding the recommended dosage. Normally, it is 1-2 capfuls of the product unless stated otherwise on the packaging.

Selecting the washing machine program: Choose a gentle washing program or a program specifically designed for technical clothing. Set the program to a lower temperature (30°C) with reduced spin speed to minimize the risk of damaging the fabric's special treatments.

Drying the clothing: After completing the cycle, let the clothing air-dry naturally. When using a dryer, always check the care label on each garment first and follow its instructions.

Tip: Before using any cleaning detergents, thoroughly read the instructions on the product packaging and the care recommendations on the label of each garment. This way, you ensure that the cleaning and washing process are done correctly, preserving the quality and performance of your clothing.


Mud after bike ride? Nothing that Grangers products can't handle.
Impregnation will keep the membrane of your tech clothing waterproof.

How to impregnate our technical clothing 

Impregnating technical clothing is a key step in its maintenance, ensuring lasting resistance to water and wind. Even though modern technical materials have excellent properties, impregnation can wear off over time and lose its effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to regularly renew the protective layer to preserve the optimal properties of the clothing. There are various types of impregnations, including sprays, liquids, or powders. When choosing an impregnation product, it is crucial to consider the material of the clothing and follow the recommendations on the label. Proper impregnation not only enhances the clothing's resistance to weather conditions but also prevents water absorption, maintaining its breathability.

Here are some tips for effectively impregnating technical clothing. For liquid impregnation, the application is similar to the use of cleaning detergents described above. The second method is spray impregnation, where you apply the impregnation to the entire garment using a spray dispenser. Here is a general guide on how to proceed:

Preparing the garment: Before applying the impregnation, ensure that the garment is clean. Impregnation is more effective on clean material. We recommend washing the garment first using Grangers Performance Wash, which is available on our e-shop as a set of cleaning detergent and impregnation, Clothing Repel + Performance Wash Concentrate. These products are suitable for garments with GORE-TEX® membranes and other waterproof materials.

Choosing the impregnation: Select an impregnation suitable for the type of fabric in your clothing or footwear.

Spot test: Before applying the impregnation, test a small amount in a hidden area to ensure that it does not cause a color change or damage to the material.

Applying the impregnation: Apply the impregnation to the garment or footwear following the instructions on the packaging. Hold the spray or applicator at a sufficient distance from the material (10-15 cm) and apply the impregnation evenly.

Drying the garment: After applying the impregnation, let the garment air-dry naturally. When using a dryer, always check the care label on each garment first and follow its instructions. Allow enough time for complete drying before use.

Repeat process: Repeat the impregnation process at regular intervals or after each clothing wash, as needed.

Tips: 1. Apply impregnation in a well-ventilated area. 2. Ensure that impregnated clothing or footwear is completely dry before storing. 3. Before using any impregnation, thoroughly read the instructions on the product packaging and the care recommendations on the label of each garment. This way, you will achieve optimal results, and the water repellency of your technical clothing and footwear will be preserved.


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