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Bike apparel for different riding styles

13/5/2024 | Horsefeathers / Renča

When choosing bike clothing, the alignment of functionality, comfort, and style plays a crucial role. Whether it's for enduro, bikepark, trail, cross-country, gravel, or casual and family riding, the right choice of clothing can significantly affect your riding experience. Whatever your style may be, quality clothing will improve your performance and increase comfort on every ride. Let's take a look at how to choose the best bike pieces for your riding.

In enduro and bike park riding, it's important that clothing is made from durable materials that withstand wear and tear while providing comfort and flexibility for freedom of movement. The materials should also be breathable to effectively wick away sweat and regulate body temperature, ensuring the rider stays dry and comfortable in demanding conditions. The Quantum jersey is ideal for long rides with its exceptional breathability, the Stoker II pants offer comfort and durability, same as the technical bike shirt Prom with water-repellent DWR treatment, the Patriot MTB goggles provide excellent visibility and eye protection, and the Cadence technical socks ensure comfort and support during rides.

For trail and enduro disciplines, it's crucial for bike apparel to meet the demands for comfort and adaptability to various terrains. Bike T-shirt Fury and Venture II shorts are designed to ensure optimal breathability and moisture-wicking, which is essential for long-lasting comfortable rides. Archie sunglasses protect the eyes from sunlight and dust, while Cadence socks add an extra layer of comfort to the feet, perfect for long and demanding trails. This combination of gear guarantees that rider will be in comfort and style regardless of the terrain.

For cross-country and gravel disciplines, the combination of lightness and functionality is crucial. Both disciplines require clothing that is breathable and quick-drying, keeping the rider dry and comfortable even during long and intense rides. Functional jersey Rooter and bike shorts Tracer II are ideal for both disciplines thanks to their lightweight and durability. They provide comfort and effectively wick moisture away, which is crucial for long rides. Bike sunglasses Scorpio protect the eyes from dust and sunlight, while Cadence socks provide additional support and durability, enhancing overall riding comfort.

For casual bike riding, it's important for the clothing to be comfortable, functional, and adding some style to the mix won't hurt either. Clothing should be durable enough for everyday use while providing comfort and freedom of movement. The functional T-shirt Rooter, water-repellent technical shirt Dough, water-repellent stretch pants Reverb, and Delete socks are the perfect choice for casual hobby riding. These products combine practicality and style, they're water-repellent and offer the comfort needed for less demanding but still active riding.

For women dedicated to trail and enduro disciplines, it's important for their bike clothing to combine breathability, flexibility, and specific adaptation to the female anatomy. Clothing should be durable enough to handle the tougher terrains typical for enduro, while comfort on long rides is a priority for trail riding. The women's bike jersey Quantum and women's bike shorts Stoker II are designed for maximum comfort and performance. MTB goggles Patriot and technical socks Cadence provide additional protection and support, which is crucial for active female riders on trail and enduro tracks.

For gravel disciplines and family rides, it's important for women's bike clothing to provide comfort, functionality, and style. Gravel riding and family bike outings require clothing adapted to longer and technically less demanding rides, yet still providing sufficient flexibility and durability. The women's bike T-shirt Fury and women's bike shorts Ruth are ideal for these activities due to their comfort and practicality. Bike sunglasses Scorpio and women's technical functional socks Cadence add a layer of protection and support necessary for comfortable riding.

No matter what bike discipline you're into, your gear should always include a bike jacket to protect you against changing weather conditions. The men's bike jacket Peyton and women's bike jacket Onyx are ideal for various bike disciplines thanks to their 2.5-layer UltraTech material with a laminated membrane, YKK zippers, helmet-compatible hood, and taped seams. These shell jackets offer excellent waterproofing, breathability, easy handling, lightweight, and easy packability. With these features, they're suitable for various conditions that riders may encounter on their bike trips, ensuring comfort and protection regardless of the weather.

The men's jacket Seeker and women's jacket Hazel are also ideal for various bike disciplines due to their waterproofing, breathability, and lightweight design. Created based on experience with outerwear clothing and tested by our team riders, they provide excellent protection and comfort. Their versatility allows them to be used not only for cycling but also for other outdoor activities. These jackets combine the best technologies and practicality, making them ideal companions for everyday use.

MTB goggles are crucial when riding because they protect the eyes from various hazards on the trail. They prevent dust, insects, mud, and wind from getting into the eyes, which could disrupt vision and riding. Goggles with UV protection also shield the eyes from harmful sunlight. Thanks to their ergonomic design and adjustable features, they ensure comfortable wearing and stability, which is crucial for safe and efficient riding in different conditions. Meeting all these attributes, our Patriot goggles guarantee excellent visibility thanks to their cylindrical lens. They fit well on both full-face and classic helmets, and they include all essential features like a ventilation system, triple-layer face foam, or anti-slip strips on the inner side of the adjustable strap. 100% UV protection is a given.

Bike sunglasses are an essential part of bike gear when riding because they protect the eyes from dust, insects, mud, and wind, thus increasing the rider's safety and comfort. They enhance visual sharpness and contrast, which is important for better perception of the terrain. In our range, we have, for example, photochromic sunglasses Scorpio, which adapt to light conditions, sunglasses Magnum with high-quality polarized lenses, and sunglasses Archie, made of lightweight TR90 material, fitting perfectly thanks to adjustable nose pads. Our bike sunglasses provide protection against glare, improve contrasts, and maintain color fidelity, making them ideal for all bike disciplines.

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