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#NextEpicRide with Baša and Tobiáš

4/6/2024 | Horsefeathers / Renča

In our new bike spot, we teamed up with the action-packed bike family of snowboarder Baša Števulová and Tomáš Pagáč. Their 8-year-old son Tobiáš stole the spotlight this time and rode with our team riders Teo Kováč and Jakub Říha. Tobiáš showed us that age is just a number when it comes to the passion for riding. His courage and style on two wheels are truly admirable! Check out our new video, read the Q&A with Baša and Tobiáš and get inspired for your own #NextEpicRide!

Hey Tobiáš, in the new Horsefeathers bike spot, you're the star. How did you like the filming? What did you enjoy the most? And the least?

Tobiáš: It was good. I enjoyed riding my bike the most and the least when we were filming me laughing in the car. But I enjoyed the most when Jakub and I could ride off-camera, haha.

Baša, from your perspective, how did Tobiáš handle this filming?

Baša: I think many people can't imagine what such filming entails. It’s not like recording a reel at home for social media; there was professional equipment and a script that had to be followed. So it was really demanding. Each shot was done several times until it looked the way the guys envisioned it. Filming took one full day plus half of another day. That would be a lot for any adult, let alone an 8-year-old boy doing it for the first time. But he handled it great! The only downside was that the actual riding was left for the last part of the day, after a whole day of shooting other scenes, so when it was time for him to ride, he was already completely exhausted.

And how were the trails you rode?

Tobiáš: Great, there were a lot of jumps! I liked that, but I did fall once.

Baša: He ran into a tree. Luckily, he wasn’t seriously hurt, but I think you can see on the video that he has a bruise under his eye from his goggles.

Where was it filmed?

Tobiáš: At Dolní Morava!

Baša: We made a trip out of it. We were there four days before the filming because our friends were there too, so Tobiáš got to ride in the bike park at Dolní Morava for four days.

Tobiáš, let's go back to your beginnings. When did you start riding a bike?

Tobiáš: When I was really little.

Baša: He started when he was about 2.5 years old.

Who do you ride with most often? With mom or dad? And where do you ride the most?

Tobiáš: With dad. We ride mostly in the woods and I love jumps the most!

And what about mom? Isn't she scared when you do jumps on your bike?

Tobiáš: Yes, she is.

Baša: I can't watch it in real time at all. I always like to watch it on video later, but I can't handle it live because he rides so fast that I can't keep up with him anymore.

Baša, what does #NextEpicRide mean to you?

Baša: The first thing that comes to mind is another new adventure. Each ride is different and interesting in its own way. Whether it's on a snowboard, a bike, or a trip in a caravan, #NextEpicRide means new discoveries and adventures for me.

Do you already have another #NextEpicRide planned?

Baša: Yes, we do. It will be in Molveno, Italy, where we go biking every year.

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