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Horsefeathers Beer Inspired

15/5/2018 | Horsefeathers

Yes, we love beer! Beer is inevitably connected to our brand. Not only we love it, but also we come from the same city as the world-renowned beer; Pilsen. In our current Spring 2018 collection we introduce the range of fine-tuned products full of special beer features and graphics. Formed by technical spring jackets, T-shirts, tanks, caps, belts, boxer shorts or socks is this Beer inspired line designed to cover the needs of all beer lovers. Get to know what we have in store for you!

Cheers! / Photo: Jara Sijka


Our current spring collection prides on high-quality technical jackets. Each of men’s waterproof and stylish jackets is provided with a pocket beer opener. Ok, we pay attention to every technical detail such as high-quality fabrics, one of the best waterproof laminated membranes, reliable metal zippers or extra durable threads, but still we don’t do boring!

Each item from our collection is designed to be fully comfy, fashionable and functional. Regarding our Idol belt, this all apply at first sight. The buckle has a built in bottle opener at the back to keep you ready for unexpected beer situations.


Beer-themed graphics are an inherent part of our special Beer inspired line. This season we present dozens of fine-tuned beer prints and statements, so that you can find your favorite. Plus we bet there’s no need to describe how passionate and unstoppable are our designers when it comes to creating new beer inspired prints..

See all Beer inspired items to find out what we’re talking about. Afterwards: 1) choose your perfect style, 2) put it on, 3) grab a beer, 4) open it 5) and take a sip! See? It tastes much better than before. Enjoy it and let the beer inspire you ;) #HFbeer Cheers!

HF global snowboarding team riders Måns and Antti drinking a toast to all beer lovers! / Photo: Jara Sijka

Spotted! Horis, Dušan, Måns and Antti having a beer. / Photo: Lukáš Oujeský

Photo: Peter Mercell


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