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Horsefeathers summer cruisin´

19/3/2019 | Horsefeathers

Summer days to remember. Every year there are days, which we will definitely remember. Summer especially is quite abundant with possibilities and we make sure that we have one day for the books with the crew as well. Past Summer we threw a party on a cruise boat with a mini ramp built on the roof. The whole HF family got together to skate, swim, chill, dive, drink beer, mingle and mainly to have fun. The weather was awesome; the bridge dives were crazy and the party lasted until early morning made the weekend flawless.

Photo: Jara Sijka

Photo: Jara Sijka

That was the day, but what about other ones? Well, we do our best to enjoy every single one, but all along we work on the new collections to fit the active lifestyle of our crew, riders, fans and friends. All our products are made with attention to detail, comfort and functionality, plus each piece should take you smoothly through all adventures and daily encounters. So no matter if you´ll choose a jacket, or boxer shorts, you´ll feel great whenever you livin´ your dream. Have fun and enjoy the life. That´s what matters the most!

The new collection is as always pretty hot and you can find the pieces you were waiting for. There are also three special lines we would like to introduce you right now. As we started with a skate session on a boat party let´s have a look on Maxim Habanec’s Skate and Create Signature line.

Maxim Habanec / Photo: Jara Sijka


Skateboarding has always been much more than a sport, by allowing everyone to find a unique approach to creativity and style. With no boundaries drawn, the personal experience is the essence. And this is the main idea behind Horsefeathers x Max´s Skate and Create collaboration. Revolving around his own skate philosophy and his affinity for black colors, the collection is positioned on the fine line where style meets functionality. Creative details with a 90´s inspired optical illusion graphic, link the individual pieces into a fresh and mighty collection. First at all – black Chip Max anorak with our best technical features we use in our outerwear – water repellent laminated membrane UltraTech, outer C6 DWR treatment, YKK zippers or extremely durable threads by COATS. You will fall in love with this one!

Maxim Habanec / Photo: Jara Sijka

You can find much more in Max´s Skate & Create line.  There is his favourite t-shirt Token, slim-fit Bowie Max chino pants with 3% of elastane or special Deck belt made from Max´s broken decks. This is Max´s way. We hope it inspires you to find yours. Skate and Create!


Halldor and Eiki are the most creative and innovated snowboarders. Did you know they are sick on a skateboard as well? The Helgason brothers have been a part of the Kaleidoscope Skateboard Co family for a decade, so when we asked PJ Gustafsson – a professional snowboarder, long-time skateboarder and brothers´ old friend – if he wanted to do a collaboration between Horsefeathers, the Helgasons, and his own skateboard company, the answer was YES! The early 1970´s punk movement in the UK and the legendary London boutique named SEX, run by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, inspires the collection. The store´s designs confronted social and sexual taboos and included T-shirts bearing images of the Cambridge Rapist´s face hood, semi-naked cowboys, bare breasts and pornographic texts.

Many skateboards companies like to have semi-naked or naked woman as graphic designs for their desks and clothes claiming that “Sex sells”. PJ did sick designs, which may outrage even nowadays and that´s what we like! This is SEX so let’s see if it sells! The collection includes LS Tee with ¾ sleeve, classic t-shirt and Kaleidoscope skate deck with this raw design! So how does this sounds to you? Do you like the new Helgason´s special line – Sex Sells?


Do you think we would forget our beer inspired product this year? As you know we are from Pilsen – the city of the beer. We got inspired and it seems like our fans are stoked about that and those products are most wanted. Thank you! So we got inspired for this year as well and you can find there many designed t-shirts, hoodies and jackets with a much wanted beer opener in pocket.

Boat party without a beer and Color t-shirt? No way! / Photo: Jara Sijka

If you´re our guy you know this ain´t everything. The new Spring/Summer 2019 has way more to offer. It starts with jackets with our best technical features, hoodies, tees, tanks, jeans, shorts, boardshorts, caps, underwear and for sure some extras. There are also sweet dresses for our female fans and some lovely pieces for the youngest. We are so happy that most of our products are made in EU in the best quality this market can offer. Take a deep breath and dive into the full collection on our web.

Anorak Chip / Photo: Jara Sijka

Horn hoodie, Blais shorts / Photo: Jara Sijka

Fair , Mini Logo t-shirts / Photo: Jara Sijka

Palma jacket / Photo: Jara Sijka

Kendal dress / Photo: Jara Sijka

Lollipop top / Photo: Jara Sijka


Hell yeah, that still isn´t over. We are working hard to keep your eyes protected. Together with optic professionals we designed sunglasses you can use in every conditions, on every road on your Summer Cruisin’. They are made mainly from hand made acetate and high quality polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Glare-free vision, clear contrast and true colours are sure things. The full collection consists of seven different models – from classic styles to more bold style with a nice color range. So you definitely find your style of sunglasses, which will keep your eyes protected.

Chester sunglasses / Photo: Jara Sijka

It was a pleasure to get ready this collection for you. Now it´s your turn, check it out and choose your favourite one for your Summer Cruisin’! don’t forgot enjoying your life without your phone or computer. Go skateboarding, go longboarding, go ride the bike, go to the nature and enjoy yours offline stories. That’s our stories - #sharedoffline.

Horsefeathers crew ti přeje skvělý zážitky / Photo: Jara Sijka

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