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#StayHome with Halldór Helgason

2/4/2020 | Sara

S: Hello, Halldór, I hope you are doing fine, even everything happening right now. Are you currently in Iceland, and what is the situation in your home country?

HalldórYes, I am currently in Iceland. The situation is definitely not good just as all over in the world. But our healthcare system had been and is doing a great job! So now it's only on all of us to follow the rules restrictions, and do our part.

S: That's true, and no doubt about the Icelandic healthcare. What do you do to protect yourself and the people around you?

HalldórFollow the rules and restrictions and wash my hands all the time.

S: ...And I would just add - use a lot of hand cream after all soaping and disinfection... What about your plans? Did the virus cancel any of them regarding snowboarding, traveling, and other activities you had in mind?

HalldórI broke my ribs four weeks ago, so I missed out on a trip I was supposed to go with the Monster in Norway because of that. Then also a Park shooting in Mammoth with 32 crew, our classic snowboard festival in Iceland, AK Extreme, and some more film trips had to be canceled because of COVID-19.

S: Sounds like a lot to postpone, and I hope you are getting better! What are your five best snowboard movies to watch at home right now?

HalldórMy favorite snowboard movies that I found online:

Smell the glove - Grenade,

Snowboarders In Exile - FLF Films,

Project 6 - FLF films,

The Resistance - Mack Dawg Productions (my favorite btw),

Shake Down - Mack Dawg Productions.

Snowboard movies from the 90s

S: Nice! These movies will never get old. Do you have any other tips for activities to do at home?

Halldór: I have been doing some Yoga and workouts with my girlfriend at home using these two websites - Do Yoga With Me, and Fitness Blender.

Then I have been going wild on Netflix, Amazon Prime Playstation, and PornHub premium since that's free for everyone nowadays (if you didn't know, now you do).

S: Golden tips, thank, I guess there will be some interest to look up to at least one of these pages. I have a few quick questions for you now, so let's begin with the first one:

A favorite fairytale movie for you as a child? 

Ronja, the robber's daughter written by Astrid Lindgren.

The best video you have a part in?

Must be the Future Of Yesterday!

Table games you like to play with friends and fam?

Puzzles, chess, and classic card games like OlsenOlsen and Idiot.

The best Youtube channel to watch?


Make pizza at home or order one instead?


The funniest IG profile to follow?

Just send it - @get.sendy

The best rider for you to follow on IG?

Ethan Morgan - @morgan_freemanson and Rene Rinnekangas - @renerinnekangas

S: Before we are done, what about your three most favorite pieces from the HF SS2020 collection?

Halldór: That will be the Perch Jacket, Leader Hoodie, and Spaz SS t-shirt.

Perch Jacket HF

Leader Hoodie HF

Spaz SS T-shirt HF

S: Any "warming words" for HF fans?

HalldórStay safe, wash your hands, be positive, and follow the rules and restrictions! We will get through this mayhem!

Thank you, Halldór - @halldor_helgason, for this quick tip interview. For the rest of you, as usual, stay safe and home. Another batch of tips about "ultimate survival" at home will be here next week! And if you still didn't see our latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection, have a moment and scroll through our page. First of all, it's worth it, second of all, there is not much to do right now anyway. Cheers!