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Xiao Ma

Xiao Ma

Country China

Hometown Jilin, Liaoyang

setup Nitro beast and Nitro team binders, goofy, +15 - 6


Oblíbené produkty TM020B, OM264C

Tell us...

Three words to describe what snowboarding is for you? 用简单的几个字概括单板对于你来说意味着什么? Snowboarding is my life, its basically everything to me. I love snowboarding.

Five craziest things you did on your board? 在滑雪生涯里,你做过的最疯狂的5件事? I had a really good time riding in Laax last year. On a powder day, I luckily stopped just in front of the steep cliff. If I didn’t stop, maybe I cannot write that myself now. Knocked out nearly all of my teeth. Fixing my board with tape because it split open. Forget my boardbag at the airport and left.

Thing you would never do to your board? 你绝对不会做的事情是什么? I do everything to my snowboard.

Three most used words while riding? 在你滑雪过程中,最常用的3个词是什么? WTF Sick! Jiba

Your biggest crash? 最严重的一次受伤是什么样的? When I jumped the big kicker at the Nanshan Mellow Park, I landed on the knuckle and my knee hit my chin haha. It did hurt.

If you could choose in whatever snowboard movie you have your part, what would it be? 如果可以让你选择的话,你最希望你在哪一步单板电影里出现呢? Mellow Parks China Snow Movie

Riders you admire? 你最喜欢的选手名字? Stale Sandbech。His Bs180 is so sickkkkkk!

Sometimes you call your snowboard? 你的雪板有昵称么?你会叫它什么? Just “Snowboard“


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