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Clemens Bergmann

Clemens Bergmann

Country Austria

Hometown Fieberbrunn

setup Niedecker snowboards, bindings NX2 Fusion hybrid 2017/18


Oblíbené produkty OM246B, OM250D, SM1126B, SM1124C, SM1112A, SM1092B, SM924E

Tell us...

Three words to describe what snowboarding is for you?

Fun, friends, passion

Five craziest things you did on your board?

Did a switch three down a 25m cliff while a competion Shared some steep gullies with avalanches Hit a tourist who was crossing my powderlanding Tried a gapkicker five times, but the inrun wasnt fast enough (wasnt able to do more tries haha) Was riding a lightly snowcovered steep street down a town with another guy on my board after this run i had no edges any more on it but it was like a firework behind us

Thing you would never do to your board?

I would never not riding it

Three most used words while riding?

Bam, yeah , phat

Your biggest crash?

Landed wit my face down a icy landing after overrotating a front cork 9 i think or maybe it was when i torn my ACL in Stubai zoo proline

If you could choose in whatever snowboard movie you have your part, what would it be?

That´s it That´s all

Riders you admire?

Xavier de la rue, Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones

Sometimes you call your snowboard?

Scheim or Schoatn ( kinda tyrolean slang)


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