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Bataleon Evil Twin+ snowboard

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There is no more versatile freestyle board than the acclaimed Bataleon Evil Twin. It's no coincidence that this model has been in the offer since the very beginning. Carbon reinforcements provide strength during hard landings, while hollow carbon tubes ensure greater pop. Moreover, there is now the Evil Twin+ version, equipped with an excellent design and the best base offered by Bataleon. Awaken your evil twin and conquer every obstacle! The right machine for you to do it is now reaching you.

FLEX: 6 (Flex scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest)


- Twin - The board is the same length from the center to the tip as from the center to the tail.
- Medium concave height on the tip and tail.
- Medium Camber Profile - Medium bend in the center of the board.
- Medium flex - Medium-hard board ideal for freestyle and all-mountain.


- Triple Base Technology (3BT) - Patented technology that improves the functionality of the snowboard in almost every aspect. It consists of three different inclinations of the base. The center part of the snowboard is completely flat, and the side parts are raised. Each 3BT profile has a differently defined area where the snowboard is flat and where it starts to rise. All these snowboards have a classic camber bend that charges the 3BT technology and provides even greater pop. 3BT gives the snowboard maximum pop for jumps, easier turns, better floating in powder, stable fast riding, and minimal chance of edge catching! With 3BT, you'll crush it on the slopes, in powder, in the park, or on the street. Just choose which 3BT is ideal for you.

- Twin 3BT™ + Sidekick™ - This variant of 3BT has a wider surface in the middle and a true twin shape. The lift angle is moderate, and the wide base provides enough stability during jumps, landings, and at high speeds. This shape is ideal for the park and overall freestyle riding. Thanks to Sidekick™ technology, the board enters turns better and floats better in the snow.

- Super Ultra Light Core - Ultra-light core made from a blend of Swiss paulownia and poplar (80/20). This core represents the ideal mix of weight and strength.

- Ultra Glide S - Base with the maximum possible molecular content for sintered bases. Thanks to higher density, it can withstand more than common bases on the market.

- Triaxial Lamination - Three layers of lamination laid at angles of 0°, 45°, and - 45°. Lamination that guarantees versatile flexibility and feedback in any terrain.

- Central Super Tube - A hollow carbon tube is placed in the center of the board, providing better pop and reducing the weight of the board.

- Carbon Stringers - Carbon fibers placed at strategic points on the snowboard. Carbon adds pop and makes the board more stable while maintaining the same weight.

- ShockWalls - The board's sidewalls are cast with urethane, making them better at absorbing impacts and ensuring a very smooth ride.

Bataleon Evil Twin+ snowboard

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