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Bataleon Stuntwood Youth snowboard

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Check out the Bataleon Stuntwood – the ultimate weapon for young rippers ready to crush kickers and rails. Crafted by the Bataleon designers, this freestyle beast not only rocks a killer design but it is also packed with a killer Twin 3BT and other features, making it a must-have not just for beginners, but especially for the skilled groms. So, if your little shredder needs a seriously rad board, your search just hit the jackpot!

FLEX: 3 (Flex scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest)


- Twin - The board has the same length from the center to the tip as from the center to the tail.
- Low concave height on the tip and tail.
- Low Camber Profile - Low bend in the center of the board.
- Soft flex - A playful board, perfect for freestyle and groms.


- Triple Base Technology (3BT) - Patented technology that improves the functionality of the snowboard in almost every aspect. It consists of three different inclinations of the base. The center part of the snowboard is completely flat, and the side parts are raised. Each 3BT profile has a differently defined area where the snowboard is flat and where it starts to rise. All these snowboards have a classic camber bend that offers 3BT technology and provides even greater pop. 3BT gives the snowboard maximum pop for jumps, easier turns, better floating in powder, stable fast riding, and minimal chance of edge catching! With 3BT, you'll crush it on the slopes, in powder, in the park, or on the street. Just choose which 3BT is ideal for you.

- Twin 3BT™ + Sidekick™ - This variant of 3BT has a wider surface in the middle and a true twin shape. The lift angle is moderate, and the wide base provides enough stability during jumps, landings, and at high speeds. This shape is ideal for the park and overall freestyle riding. Thanks to Sidekick™ technology, the board enters turns better and floats better in the snow.

- Core Core - Wooden core composed of poplar and beech. Added beech reinforces the core under the bindings and adds more pop to the tip and tail of the snowboard.

- Hyper Glide S - Durability, hardness, and speed are the right words for Hyper Glide S base. This standard sintered base is porous and therefore absorbs wax very well.

- Biaxial Lamination - The lamination on the snowboard core is composed at an angle of 90° and 0°. An ideal composition for a fun board that works with the rider.

- ShockWalls - The board's sidewalls are cast with urethane, making them better at absorbing impacts and ensuring a very smooth ride.

Bataleon Stuntwood Youth snowboard


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