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Deck NTL movie belt - 000029

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There is also a good story about how I broke another board. It happend in Karlovy Vary as well. During our Never too late movie shooting I was looking for the best spot where I could send a handplant. One day we arrived to Goethe´s view in Karlovy Vary, where I found this A shape rail- hell yeah that is the perfect one! So we set up the spot and get it ready for my tries. That A rail was attached to a wall with other rails sticking out of it. On one of my tries I ended up hitting those rails really hard and broke the side of my board. Anyway the board was still rideable so I sent couple more tries and finally stomp that handplant on the broken board!

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Free shipping from 300,00 €

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• One of a kind product
• 100% hand-made
• Engraved serial number
• Genuine leather strap
• Embossed logo on strap
• Custom metal snaps
• Lifetime warranty
• Limited pieces

LENGTH: 120 cm without buckle
Deck NTL movie belt - 000029



Handmade product in local craft workshops.

Lifetime warranty

This product is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather


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Deck NTL movie belt - 000029

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