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HF x Sigg bottle 1L

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A quality water bottle is an integral part of your trips to the mountains, nature, or just a casual outing with friends. But not all bottles are the same. Introducing the collab bottle with the Swiss brand Sigg. The Traveller model, with a 1-liter capacity, stands out at the top in this category. Made from a single piece of aluminum, it provides amazing tightness, strength, and durability while maintaining low weight. Enhance your gear with this Swiss gem featuring the Horsefeathers logo!


 EcoCare inner layer
Beverage doesn't come into contact with aluminum.
 Free from harmful chemicals (BPA). 
 Safe for food 
Health and hygiene-friendly.
 It doesn't absorb odors or tastes.
 Light and durable material
Made from a material known for its lightweight nature.
 It flexibly adapts to a new shape when squeezed.


  • EcoCare inner layer - doesn't retain odors or tastes, making bottle cleaning easier
  • Made from a single piece of aluminum 
  • Screw cap with a practical loop for attachment or hand-carrying
  • Compatible caps with other Sigg models
  • For a longer lifespan, it's recommended to hand wash the bottle
  • Using Sigg bottles reduces your ecological footprint - protecting the environment
  • Suitable for beverages with temperatures up to 40 °C

MATERIAL: Aluminum + special Sigg EcoCare inner layer


WEIGHT: 147 g

HEIGHT: 25,7 cm

HF x Sigg bottle 1L




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