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The first year of Ethan's STRT JAM was a massacre, so it's no wonder that even bigger things are expected this year! It will be three days of snowboarding at secret street spots and parties with top riders. Suppose you don't have the opportunity to go to Innsbruck to watch. In that case, we give you the unique opportunity to watch the insane riding on the spot using our live stream with Tyler Chorlton and Cassie. They will talk with exciting guests and comment on what's going down on the location every day from 2 p.m. so that you can experience the atmosphere too. Every morning be ready for a load of photos from Prouzič, who will capture the best moments. This is going to be mad!


Photos: @prouzicc


Photos: @prouzicc


Photos: @prouzicc

Ethan Morgan is the mastermind behind the whole event


Q&A with Ethan: This year I ride in Ripple jacket

Have you ever seen a DJ on a snowboard in the mountains playing while riding? No? Then you haven't met our HF team rider, Ethan Morgan yet! A super talented German-American rider who is probably at home everywhere. From the backcountry, through the park to the street, as well as behind a mobile DJ desk. In a few days in Innsbruck, Austria, the mecca of European snowboarding, Ethan will start a hell called DIYX STRT JAM 2022! And you definitely shouldn't be missing there! But before that, check out Ethan's new Horsefeathers spot and get inspired by his winter outerwear selection this year.

Horsefeathers riders at DIYX STRT JAM 2021

The second weekend of November in Innsbruck, Austria, was spent snowboarding with a capital S (not that it wasn't spent on other weekends in this location). But this weekend, that was one big snowboarding happening. Some of the best current street riders from around the world met and jibbed together in one place. And it's thanks to our new HF Family member, Ethan Morgan. With the help of sponsors, he took care of an event called DIYX (Do It Yourself X-treme) STRT JAM, from which we bring you the following report.



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