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Clo Eco Vivo - eco-friendly insulation

16/6/2020 | Horsefeathers/ Renata

The unique Clo fiber construction with Vivo concept maximizes breathability and thermal comfort. Vivo Eco is made up of 93 % recycled fibers from plastic bottles making this product a very eco-friendly insulation. The fibers are extruded from recycled plastic bottles and 40 plastic bottles make up 1kg of the Eco93 fibers. This unique design will give you great performance for warmth and yet giving an increase in breathability by 30 %. 

The insulation is penetrated by a series of small apertures that enhance breathability without decreasing the thermal insulated performance of the insulation. These holes through the insulation trap air to create a fantastic warmth consistence when in low activity, but also allow for the air and water vapor to flow through very quickly when the body temperature increases through high activity making this the most breathable insulation on the market today. With its great flexibility yet stable structure it provides excellent comfort when used garments. 

We talked about Clo® insulation with Erin from Clo® Insulation, who answered our questions about Vivo Performance: Eco insulation, which is used in our outerwear.


Hi, can you firstly introduce the Clo® Insulation brand?

Afternoon, yes sure! Clo Insulation is a global apparel insulation brand, focusing on breathability. We want to better apparel performance by creating truly functional synthetic insulation.


Is there any story behind the founding of this brand?

Our founders originally started a technical clothing company, creating apparel to keep people warm. Wanting to further explore and advance the science behind keeping people warm, Clo Insulation was established in 2016. Working with renowned groups such as the British Antarctic Expedition, we were able to concentrate on apparel insulating performance element by element.


Properties of Clo® Vivo Performance: Eco insulation


Can you tell us more about the portfolio of the products that you are producing?

Of course. Our main collections are Vivo - you've probably seen this as it’s the breathable insulation with holes in it. It's produced in Europe and Asia and there are 3 Vivo collections - Extreme, Performance and Outdoor - each with different breathability levels and features. Then each collection has its own compositions. All with recycled content of course! We also have a classic Univa collection which doesn’t have holes and a vegan synthetic down. Each product carries its own branding package as well.


What about sustainability, is this subject important to you?

Definitely. It actually forms our initial criteria for any research, development or process creation that we undertake.


Ok great, can you reveal some of the steps that you are taking towards a more eco-friendly approach in your production?

As we've just mentioned, all of our ranges contain recycled content, with some 100% recycled options such as our Pluma: Eco synthetic down. This means that the fibers for creating the insulation have been made from used plastic bottles. This year we've recycled over a million plastic bottles already! We've also just installed new state-of-the-art machinery at one of our production plants which will save 8% of our current energy consumption. Then part of our corporate sustainability program is a goal to have plastic-free packaging by 2022, which is an industry first.


Let's move onto the insulation that is featured also in the Horsefeathers outerwear. If I am right it's Clo® Eco Vivo insulation. Can you tell us more about this insulation? What it's made of?

Yes that’s correct, it’s the Vivo Performance: Eco insulation you have in your outerwear. This one is very popular as you get the breathability uplift as well as the high recycled content. It’s 100% polyester, and 93% of that is recycled fibers.


Clo® Vivo Eco insulation penetrated by the hole structure.

How does this insulation work?

It has a unique hole structure to increase breathability by 30%. The perforations allow the free flow of moisture from body heat to escape so the insulation is no longer a barrier. However, when inactive, these holes trap air to retain warmth. So overall, you’re getting a win-win on performance, whether on or off the slopes!

How did the process of the Clo® Eco Vivo insulation development and testing look like?

Well, I guess it started when we were working with apparel component by component. You can use the most breathable outer fabrics or linings in a jacket, but with standard synthetic insulation, you will hit a barrier to breathability when you reach the insulation layer. We wanted to challenge this and find a solution. Following extensive internal and external testing for 2 years, Vivo Performance: Eco was created.

Why is it very important for insulation to be breathable?

At the end of the day, it comes down to comfort. We’ve all been out in a cold environment and layered up, then after a few minutes of activity, you’re hot and needing to remove layers! With breathable insulation, we’re ultimately providing a comfort solution for the wearer.


Why should I choose a jacket with Clo® Eco Vivo insulation, if I am spending a lot of time outdoors, snowboarding?

Like what we’ve just said, comfort is a key. Basically, you’re wearing an extensively trialled and tested balance of warmth and breathability. This allows you to max performance on the slopes, no matter whether you’re ascending or descending, in training or in competition!


Who else can really appreciate the benefits of Clo® Eco Vivo insulation besides, snowboarders and skiers?

What we’ve found is anyone in the sports industry is looking for performance. You’ll find this insulation in golfwear, equestrian wear and so on, it’s even been used for skydiving suits! It’s not only sports though, functionality is essential in military wear, so you’ll find this insulation used frequently. Then you have fashion brands who choose it a lot, as sustainability is a fundamental element.


Are there any visions to the future regarding the innovation of your insulations?

Yes there’s plenty under development right now. We’re constantly testing our current innovations and working to improve key areas such as breathability, warmth, stability and so on. A product is never static! Then the future? Well yes, but just right now, we can’t disclose it! Watch this space...

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