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10 quick questions with... Michal Gálík

20/7/2021 | Horsefeathers / Renata

We are introducing you a series of short blogs called 10 quick questions with... There is more than enough of seriousness everywhere out there. And that's why we decided to supply you with a quality arsenal of bizarre information about your favorite riders that you probably didn't even know you needed to know. Until now. Here are 10 quick questions with...

Michal is our fella and skate killer from the Czech Republic, who has belonged to the HF family for quite some time now. Here are his 10 quick questions, so check out how he handled them.

Michal Gálík, photo: @davidluuskate



1. Fried flat bread with mayonnaise/ketchup?  With mayo

2. America/Asia?  Asia

3. Would you rather grow a mullet/proper sideburns?  Sideburns

4. In movies reality/fiction?  Fiction

5. Dance classes/cooking classes?  Cooking classes

6. If you could date any celebrity (alive or dead). Which one it will be?  Soňa Machy

7. What would be your stage if you were a famous heavy metal singer?  SalvaDoor

8. What would you do if you were invisible for 10 minutes?  I guess I'd go crazy.

9. The weirdest story with your roommate/guest?  Pancakes with caramel at 5 in the morning.

10. The most embarrassing thing that can happen to you on your first date?  To propose.

photo: @tomikkriz
photo: @joseph__u
photo: @kubasindelar_
photo: @kubasindelar_
photo: @petrvesely_
photo: @kubasindelar_
photo: @tomikkriz
photo: @joseph__u

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