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Danihell and Šimba in the second series of CzechMate

6/3/2023 | Horsefeahers / Renča

The CzechMate season 2 from our freeski riders Danihell Hanka and Šimon "Šimba" Bartík is finally here! This time, Danihell and Šimba took a trip beyond the big puddle, to the land of hockey, maple syrup and.. snakes? Doesn't make any sense to you? Don't worry, you'll get enlightened after watching the CzechSnakes video. Now please sit back, relax and enjoy the new part of our favorite long-awaited second series of CzechMate.

Hey, how are you doing? How is your season so far?

Šimba: Hey, I'm doing great! I had a chance to ride in various nice places, that I had no idea I would ever see, met a lot of new friends and filmed something. Daniel was unfortunately out for a while due to injury, luckily he's back now so we can CheckMate again!

Where are you mostly spending this winter? Did you do some powder/park hunting somewhere outside the Czech Republic?

Šimba: So far, I have not spent a particularly long time in one place, I've been moving around a lot, which has actually been super refreshing. In December, streets in Prague, Laax in Switzerland, Kronplatz and Seiser Alm in Italy, of course some Austria riding and then also a couple of great days in Vítkovice with the boys! Well, there is no need to comment on Canada, it was a dream of course.

A new part of the CzechMate series called CzechSnakes from the Canadian Sunshine Village has just been released. When were you there? And how did you like it?

Šimba: We were there during February and it was great. I was in Canada for the first time and I was excited, people were very nice, beautiful nature, nice riding and -35 degrees. Definitely one of the unforgettable trips, we even brought back a ceramic mugs, that we made ourselves :D

Why Sunshine Village and not, for example, the well-known Whistler?

Šimba: We went to Sunshine Village thanks to, who invited us there to shoot for the resort. Sunshine is not as well-known as Whistler, but there is great skiing in and outside the park, and in the past Level 1 was filmed there, or the famous Holy Bowly snowboarding event takes place there.

I have to say that I haven't seen such great "snake runs" through the forest for a long time, did you get a tip from someone that it is worth going there for that?

Šimba: Thanks! Unfortunately, there was very little snow when we arrived, so there were stones everywhere outside of the groomers. Then it snowed quite a lot, but without an adequate snow base it was still quite sketchy and scary to ride some powder, so we improvised and crawled into dense forests and narrow valleys. Locals Curt Hiller and Jordan Condon showed us the spots.

Did you plan to shoot one episode of CzechMate in Canada for a long time, or was it a spontaneous decision of this season?

Šimba: I think we started to plan this trip sometime at the beginning of the season, and we even have 2 parts from Sunshine Village :)

Do you have any other plans for this season?

Šimba: We want to spend a little more time in the Czech Republic and try to shoot another episode here before the snow melts, then go to Austria to ride somewhere around Innsbruck or perhaps Kronplatz in Italy again, where we would like to shoot another CzechMate episode.


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