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Eiki Helgason In His Natural Habitat

24/6/2020 | Sara

S: Hello Eiki, you recently returned from Reykjavik where did you, together with Halldór, built a new skatepark. But you just built and opened the inside one in Akureyri too. What’ s going on?

Eiki: Hello everyone, yeah, as soon as I moved back to Iceland, I found out that an indoor skatepark was missing because the weather here is not too reliable, hehe. So I decided to look around for places to rent but there was nothing to find here for a reasonable price so I almost gave up. But then this one place came on the market and the rent wasn’t too high compare to other places so I just went for it and started building.

Eiki & Bragga Parkið

S: Well done then! Does have “Bragga Parkið” any meaning in English?

Eiki: "Braggi Parkið" is just a name for the kind of house that it’s in, I think that the English translation is "Nissen Hut" so the translation would be The Nissen Hut Park.


S: When did you start with skateboarding and why?

Eiki: I started skateboarding before snowboarding, I think in 1997 or ‘98,  and at the beginning, I was more focused on being a pro skateboarder as a snowboarder. Snowboarding was just something to do during the winter, hehe. 

I think that’s also why street snowboarding came kinda naturally for me, and when I got my first sponsor for snowboarding that took me on my snowboarding path.

The Bragga Parkið in Akureyri by Eiki

S: It is pretty interesting how to snowboard paths of some of you guys began, haha. When it comes to Iceland, let’s say somebody is visiting for the first time and stopping in Akureyri. Can they come to the park and skate at any time?

Eiki: Yes, for sure. The park is open every day from 12.00 to 19.00, but if you have a 16+ season pass then you can access the park 24/7!  But I guess season pass is more for the locals living here.

Eiki & his buddies

S: Yeah, I guess so, but at least good to know. And what about Akureyri? What would you show people visiting this part of the world?

Eiki: Nr 1. is to check out Braggaparkið, haha, then the local ski resort Hlíðarfjall is the best resort in Iceland and is only about 5-10 minute drive from town. And then there are also lots of whales and natural wonders all over the place here to go to and see.


S: Thanks Eiki, the guide, hehe. How is your daughter doing? Did you teach her snowboarding already or planning to?

Eiki: My daughter is doing great! She is 3 years old and so full of energy and life! I have taken her snowboarding just a few times and she can stand and ride a mellow slope by her self.

Eiki's two most favorite people in the world

S: Nice! As you Icelanders use to say, “hún er svo dugleg” (so hardworking/capable of)! I heard your family own a farm close to Akureyri. Do you do hard farm work or ride horses? What animals do you breed?

Eiki: I grew up on a farm just outside of Akureyri, when I was young then there were lots of cows and sheep, now we have sheep, horses, bulls, chickens, and dogs.

I do not ride horses if you want proof I recommend watching the ÍSLAND BORN documentary I made 2016, hahaha.

S: Ó yes, I knew the answer, but maybe something changed in the last 4 years, you never know, haha. Video is posted here, and everyone should watch it! Since all farm animals are mostly meat that comes on the plate in Iceland, what Icelandic meal do you recommend to try, and what rather not to?

Eiki: A true Icelandic dish is out delicious lamb meat! It's so good! There is nothing that you should avoid but there are for sure things that not many people like to put in their mouths, haha, like sour sheep balls or rotten shark meat.


S: Hmm, the balls sound yummy. But I guess the Horsefeathers Spring/Summer 2020 collection is more tempting. Any favorite pieces in mind for you?

Eiki: The new Spring/Sumer line is looking sick! I really like the tie-dye collection, I am hyped that colors are coming back!

Horsefeathers Tie-Dye collection 2020

S: And if you are on the island alone, what 5 things couldn’t be missing?

Eiki: Skateboard, Snowboard, Candy, Pizza & Outerwear.


S: Surely essential things for you. In the end, is there anything that you are looking forward to in the near future or next winter season?

Eiki: Next season I’m going to change the way I film and I'm pretty excited about it, the plan is to stop focusing on video parts and just go all-in on having a banger Instagram account. That means to go on a film mission and post everything directly. 

Then, at the end of the season, I will make a video part, of course, with all the bangers like a season recap thing, so I need to stay active all the time!



Thanks, Eiki! I think that what you do at your hometown in Akureyri will help and support many "youngsters" in becoming better on skate, and maybe practice there and we wish you the best for the upcoming months and also with your new project!

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