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PrimaLoft - high-performance synthetic insulations and fabrics

20/1/2021 | Horsefeathers / Renata

Back in the days, we were one of the first boardsports brands that started using PrimaLoft as the ultimate high-tech alternative to down insulation and PrimaLoft quickly became an essential part of our high-end lines. PrimaLoft is an expert in advanced material technology solutions, and the world leader in the development of high-performance insulations and fabrics. That's why PrimaLoft has become a part of our top tech collections.

The bulletproof quality of our outerwear is what we're proud of. Fundamentally, it is what allows you to ride all day, every day. Equally, we feel that responsibility is the keyword regarding nature and the playgrounds we all love. For us, responsible is more than just sustainability, a term that became over-marketed the last few years. Responsible goes more in-depth and means to think and learn before we act.

The development and growth of the eco-movement in the last years is a positive affirmation of a change in progress, and we are more than stoked about the new possibilities. Making the right steps at the right time is the approach we have chosen to guide our long-term communication with the various suppliers. The technologies are continually evolving and what was impossible a few years ago is now a fully applicable process. New scientific discoveries come at a fast pace, but not all become proven to perform as expected in time. That is why we strive to do our best in choosing tested solutions that come from renowned manufacturers. Dive into this interview to get more in-depth information and see what the newest facts are.

My questions answered Jon Minehardt, Product Development Engineer PrimaLoft and Tara Maurer, Global Vice President of Business Development Outdoor Sports & Athleisure.

Can you firstly introduce the PrimaLoft company in general, please?

Tara Maurer: PrimaLoft is an advanced material technology company based in USA with headquarter in Latham, NY. We have a global network of sales representatives across North America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Our specialization is in the development of high-performance materials – especially insulations and performance fabrics – that provide powerful solutions to the textile industry and consumer needs. We believe our purpose is innovation that unifies people, products and the planet. With this philosophy we’ve earned the trust of more than 900 global brand partners across various industry segments, including Outdoor Sports + Athleisure, Fashion and Lifestyle, Home Furnishings and additional areas via our licensing business.


How long has PrimaLoft been here?

Tara Maurer: For more than 30 years, we’ve consistently delivered high performance products, technology and services that support the needs of our brand partners. Our journey started in the early 80s, when the United States Army Research Laboratory approached Albany International Inc., our former parent company, to develop a water-resistant synthetic alternative to down. The military needed a highly effective insulator for sleeping bags and clothing systems that would stand up to variable environmental conditions. In response, we developed and patented the first synthetic microfiber for apparel. Soon after, the first outdoor sports apparel and fashion brands adopted the innovation and commercialize products for consumers.

Primaloft insulation properties

Can you tell us more about the portfolio of the PrimaLoft products?

Tara Maurer: Our focus is on producing innovative, high-performing and sustainable insulations and fabrics. When thinking about new developments, these three aspects carry equal weight. All of this technical innovation is aimed at one goal: to unleash the full potential of people, products and the planet.


What should we imagine behind your philosophy „Relentlessly Responsible™?

Tara Maurer: Our Relentlessly Responsible™ mission is focused on using innovation and performance to drive sustainability. This means, that we believe technological advancement does not need to come at the expense of environmental and social responsibility. Our innovative products and technologies remain on the cutting edge of material science, while also limiting our impact on the planet. In other words: Performance and sustainability live in perfect harmony – each one elevated, neither sacrificed.


What are the PrimaLoft's visions for the future in terms of recycling and sustainability?

Jon Minehardt: We’re continuously working on our innovation pipeline but, there are a few areas to focus on. With PrimaLoft® Bio™, we’re striving to expand this technology throughout our product line. But we are also looking into other sustainable solutions to decrease our ecological footprint. Last year, we introduced a technology called PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™, a proprietary manufacturing technique that reduces carbon emissions by nearly 50%. This breakthrough in our manufacturing process has the potential to have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of the textile industry. And we will also continue to increase the amount of recycled content used in our product line. Since 2015, we saved more than 355 million plastic bottles from landfills and marine environments and transformed them into PrimaLoft® fibers. But all our efforts need to always be aligned with our expertise, combining innovation with performance and sustainability.



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