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"One Sixty Nine" - A new snowboard film by Maxi Preissinger

24/1/2023 | Horsefeahers / Renča

Our german rider Maxi Preissinger, just released a new snowboard film called "One Sixty Nine". And you definitely should not miss it! Especially if you are a fan of backcountry powder runs and flights, cool park laps and interestingly edited snowboard movies. In the Q&A, Maxi told us, among other things, how he enjoyed the whole filming process, or what the name "One Sixty Nine" actually means. Enjoy!

"One Sixty Nine" means the length of the board I'm riding."

Hey Maxi, what's up? Your new snowboard film "One Sixty Nine" has just been released and we must way, it looks epic! All that powder runs and park laps! How did you come out with the idea of making your own snowboard film?

Thanks! The idea came up in the summer when Jakob (the filmer) and I thought about what we should plan for the new season and an own project seemed a fun idea.

Why the name "One Sixty Nine"? What does it mean?

It's the board length I’m riding, 169 cm and we thought it would be funny.

Photo: Jakob Wallner
Photo: Jakob Wallner

How long have you been filming it?

We started at the end of January and filmed until beginning of April whenever we had time.

And how did you enjoy the whole filming process?

It is always fun to be out filming but also challenging to get all the shots you have in mind… overall I'm always stoked when I see the result after the season.

Where are the locations of the clips?

We filmed only in Austria, most of it in Absolut Park.

Photo: Adrian Formella

"The biggest slam? Probably the knee to face landing on fs 7."

We can also spot riders Luis Eckert and Flo Corzelius in the film. On which basis you chose them to be featured?

Both of them are good friends and it’s always fun to have them around.

What was the most "Hell yeah!" moment of the filming?

I guess it was end of march when we scored another banger pow day and stacked heaps of clips on two jumps in one day together with Flo.

And the biggest slam?

There have been a bunch haha, but probably the knee to face landing on fs 7 that is also in the clip.

Photo: Deniss Streha
Photo: Jakob Wallner

Which part of the filming you actually enjoyed more? Backcountry or park?

Park is always easier to film, but when you stack a clip in backcountry it’s such a hype when you get it, so probably backcountry.

In the end, any shout outs/warm words?

Shoutout to HF fam for the love and support, Jakob for freezing behind the cam and everyone else involved.

Thank you, Maxi, we're hyped to have you on board.


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