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Snowboard & ski goggles - goggles tested by our team riders

14/1/2024 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Snowboard and ski goggles are not just about style, they are an essential part of your gear that protects your eyes and improves visibility. In this article, we will look at the key technical features of snowboard goggles, such as UV protection, anti-fog treatment, types of lenses, and exchange systems, and explain how these features contribute to better performance and comfort on the slope.

Eiki Helgason - Knox goggles black/mirror red
Ethan Morgan - Scout goggles black/mirror blue
Tyler Chorlton - Scout goggles black/mirror red

When choosing snowboard and ski goggles, it is important to pay attention to their technical features, which play a crucial role in ensuring optimal visibility, comfort, and safety on the slopes. Below, we will take a look at some of the most important technical characteristics that make snowboard and ski goggles effective and reliable companions in the mountains.


Toric, spherical, and cylindrical lenses and frames of snowboard goggles differ in their optical and functional characteristics, which affect visibility, comfort, and performance on the slope. The choice depends on personal preferences, slope conditions, and budget. Each type offers unique advantages to enhance performance and the snowboarding and skiing experience.

Toric lenses combine the curvature of spherical and cylindrical lenses, providing a wide field of view and minimizing optical distortion. Their shape improves peripheral vision and comfort.

Spherical lenses have a curvature similar to a sphere, which increases the field of view and reduces distortion due to more even curvature. They are ideal for improved visibility and depth perception.

Cylindrical lenses are curved only horizontally, not vertically, which can limit peripheral vision and increase distortion, but they are usually more budget-friendly.

Toric shape of lens and frame on Scout goggles
Spherical shape of lens and frame on Knox goggles

Eiki Helgason's choice

Eiki is loyal to the Knox - black/mirror red goggles with classic frame this year, which are equipped with spherical lenses that maximize your visibility and brighten the terrain. 100% UV protection, anti-fog treatment, and ventilation vents are a must.

Sunlight transmission

The sunlight transmission in snowboard and ski goggles, also referred to as protection category, is a critical factor for protecting the eyes from UV radiation and improving visibility in different lighting conditions. Goggles are categorized based on the percentage of light that passes through, determining their suitability for sunny, cloudy, or evening conditions. Choosing the right level of transmission is the key for maximum functionality and eye protection on the slope.

UV protection

UV protection in snowboard goggles is crucial for safeguarding the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB radiation. High-quality snowboard goggles should provide 100% UV protection, minimizing the risk of eye damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. This protection is essential not only on sunny days but also on cloudy ones when UV radiation can still be high. UV protection technology is integrated directly into the lens material, ensuring effective and long-lasting protection. All our snowboard and ski goggles come with 100% UV protection.

Antifog treatment

Antifog treatment on snowboard goggles is designed to prevent the condensation of water vapor and the formation of fog on the inner side of the lenses. This treatment is achieved by applying a special antifog coating that increases the surface tension, allowing water vapor to disperse evenly across the lens surface and preventing fog formation. This coating improves visibility and safety during snowboarding in various weather conditions.


On snowboard goggles, lenses can be attached to the frame in various ways, including a magnetic system that allows for quick and easy lens replacement using strong magnets. The clip system involves mechanical clips or locks for secure lens attachment. There is also a groove system where lenses slide into special grooves on the frame. Each type of attachment offers different advantages in terms of comfort, speed of replacement, and secure fastening.

Magnetic system - This innovative approach allows for a quick and easy lens replacement using strong magnets located on the edges of the lenses and corresponding magnetic points on the frame of the goggles. The lenses simply "snap" into place, and the magnetic force securely holds them. This system offers a combination of convenience with fast replacement and secure attachment, which is ideal for riders seeking flexibility and efficiency. Our Scout goggles are equipped with this system.

Clip system - It involves the use of mechanical clips or locks on the edges of the frame that securely hold the lens in place. This system requires the user to manually open the clips, insert the lens, and then close the clips to secure the lens in place. Although this method may be less quick than the magnetic system, it provides a strong and secure attachment, suitable for challenging slope conditions.

Groove system - It allows the lenses to be attached to the frame through precise insertion into grooves on the edges of the frame. This system requires the user to manually insert the lens into these grooves and secure it in place. It is a reliable and secure method of lens attachment that ensures the lens remains firmly in place even during intense activity, while still allowing for lens replacement, although it may be less quick compared to magnetic or clip systems. You can find this system in Knox goggles.

Magnetic system on Scout goggles
Groove system on Knox goggles


This season, Tyler went for the new release, the magnetic goggles Scout - black/mirror red, equipped with toric lenses, 100% UV protection, antifog treatment, and ventilation vents. The package also includes a spare lens in extra bright yellow (for reduced visibility with light transmission of 82%) + zipper hard case and cloth bag.


The ventilation system on snowboard and ski goggles is designed to minimize fogging and ensure optimal airflow. This system typically includes multiple ventilation openings located on the top, bottom, or sides of the goggle frame. The goal is to maintain a continuous flow of air through the interior of the goggles, which helps to dissipate moisture and body heat from the face and prevents condensation. This effective ventilation mechanism is crucial for maintaining a clear and unobstructed field of view during riding.

Face foam

The comfort of wearing snowboard and ski goggles is ensured by the face foam. In our models, we use a three-layer face foam designed for maximum comfort and sealing. It consists of three layers: a soft outer layer for comfort against the skin, a middle memory foam layer for perfect adaptation to the contours of the face, and an inner layer that ensures moisture drainage. This system guarantees that the goggles fit securely and comfortably while also minimizing potential fogging by directing moisture away from the face.


Ethan complemented his blue outfit this year with Scout goggles in black/mirror blue. They come equipped with toric lenses that combine the advantages of both spherical and cylindrical shapes for maximum visibility during your ride. Thanks to the magnetic lenses, swapping them out is a breeze.

Elastic straps

Elastic straps are a crucial element for keeping goggles in place during your ride. They are designed to provide comfortable and secure attachment and often come with adjustable mechanisms to accommodate various head sizes and helmets. When choosing elastic straps for snowboard goggles, there are various options available:

Adjustable straps allow users to customize the length for individual comfort and secure fit.

Straps with anti-slip silicone bands ensure that the goggles stay in place and do not slide, whether on the head or on the surface of the helmet.

Replaceable elastic straps allow users to easily change the style or replace a worn-out strap. This system offers flexibility and personalization, as you can customize the appearance of the goggles according to your preferences or current gear. Moreover, replaceability ensures the longer lifespan of the goggles by allowing straightforward replacement of damaged or worn-out parts.

All our goggles are unisex and come with spare extra bright yellow lens (to lowered visibility with light transmission of 82%) + zipper hard case and cloth bag, which can also be used as a cleaning cloth.

Spare extra bright yellow lens
Zipper hard case
Cloth bag

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