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#StayHome with Steve Gruber

24/3/2020 | Sara

S: Hi Steve, I hope you are doing fine. Let's begin with how the situation in Austria looks like right now?

Steve: I think the situation here is simple, we are locked down in Tirol/Austria, actually Tirol is in quarantine until 13.4., so we have to stay in our homes and cannot even go to the next village. Not easy right now, but I will make the best out of this. 

S: How does your day look like during the insolation?

Steve: Well, I sleep very long nowadays ;-) Then see what the news says and have a brunch. Try to go for a run to get some fresh air, and see what the day brings.

Photo of Steve.

S: What do you do at home to win over boredom?

Steve: Doing interviews ;-) But also some Instagram challenges, cleaning up, washing my hands haha, chill, go for little hikes but close to home to keep everyone safe, do some easy workouts, stretch, flying my mini drone in the flat and I started reading again. I like to listen to FM4 and BBC6 radio stations when I am cleaning or doing something on the computer, but it's always good to check out Method mag; Pleasure, Prime snowboarding, Snowboarder mag websites for some shred action, Magic Seaweed, Korduroy for surfing and Thrasher to keep me updated in skateboarding.

S: You mentioned Instagram Challenges, have you tried Zolo's #mentalhealthchallenge at home?

Steve: Oh yeah, it was quite a mission, it was hard to take my arms off the ground, the first couple times. Really good one. I encourage everyone to try it at home, it a great and funny way of how to survive a day haha.

S: Any good reads for these days?

Steve: I would recommend the new book Curator II, not only because of my interview but also because all the articles, interviews and photos are great.

S: The new Curator is sick! Taz did an awesome job again. But now, let's give our fans some interesting tips to survive the quarantine. First one: Weird TV series you loved as a kid?

The Fraggels

Your best video part?

Probably Public Yeahh from Yeahh Productions, but there is no footage out there cause that was still the good old DVD times ;-) Last winter was not too bad, so here is mine footage from last winter!

The best snowboard movie of all time?

Definitely Hold my beer!

Public Yeahh, Yeahh Production

Let's follow with the best apocalyptic movie?

Guardians of the galaxy

The best YouTube video?

Last week tonight and Weird waves

The funniest website?

Thrasher magazine - Skateline

The best photographer to follow on Instagram?

Thomas Eberharter - @becknaphoto

The best videographer to follow on Instagram?

Andreas "Mone" Monsberger -

S: Last question will be about your 3 favorite picks from our Spring/Summer 2020 collection, what are your favorites?

Steve: You have no clue how hard it was to select just 3, there are too many nice looking pieces, but I would say Varus jeans, Gus boardshorts, and Trevor hoodie.

Horsefeathers Varus Jeans

Horsefeathers Gus Boardshorts

Horsefeathers Trevor Hoodie

Thanks, Steve, for your time! For those who want to follow Steve, here is his Instagram account - @grubalibre, and we recommend checking the CURATOR II book for Steve's latest interview. Next week we will have some more #stayhome tips from Halldór Helgason! Stay safe and don’t get crazy :-)