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#StayHome with Egor Chebanov

25/4/2020 | Sara

S: Hello Egor, hope you are having a great day! Can you tell us what is the situation in Russia when it comes to the virus? Any restrictions compare to "normal days?

Egor: Hi! Yes, spring has come today! I live in the most loyal city of Russia, in Saint-Petersburg. We can do almost all normal things, but all public places are closed now. In other big cities, like Moscow, there is an opposed situation (full self-isolation), that’s a little scary.

S: Ou, so let's say you are kind of lucky, even still following rules as well. Does it have any effect on you personally? 

Egor: Sure. Sitting at home is very difficult for me. Trying to find some ways to come out every day.

Egor Chebanov shredding streets

S: How are you spending your days right now?

Egor: Work from home, do some yoga, and ride my gravel bike in the forest.

S: Do you have any tips for us, how to survive at home? Something you do daily right now?

Egor: Cooking! I have already learned to cook a lot of new meals. Funny and tasty!

Egor Chebanov - @egorchiba

S: Haha, nice and well-done :-D Let's move a bit to the snowboard area, are there any new videos or materials you can share with us since your Full Part in 2018? And what about your favorite snowboard videos and movies? Which would you recommend to watch and don't miss?

Egor: Yesss, the Pinot Grigio! A movie we worked for with Dutch guys a.k.a. Notion crew. It was a super fun time and we got a lot of cool tricks. Don’t miss it! And a movie of the year for me is The Dust box. This is true street snowboarding, I like it a lot. Amazing!

S: What about your favorite online websites to check out? 

Egor: That would be all online cinemas.

S: Almost the last question is about you and clothing. Do you think that you have your own style? What are your basics in wardrobe and what are your three favorite pieces to wear from our Horsefeathers Spring/Summer 2020 collection?

Egor: Clothes should be always comfortable when moving, and beautiful as well. Haha :-D An SS20 collection is sick! My favorite items are Isaac jacket, Pickles x Horsefeathers t-shirt, and the Grant hoodie

S: Let's ask you now mine a few quick questions:

Table games or computer games? 

Table games!

Meditation or something else to chill your mind?


Favorite fairytale since you were a child?

About the fisherman and the fish. A Russian classic.

Fruits or veggies?


Bike or skate?

Bike, no doubts!

Best Instagram profile to follow?

Well, definitely Egor Chebanov - @egorchiba :-)

Best snowboarder for you?

Jed Anderson - @latexmansion.

S: Anything to add in the end from you?

Egor: I hope everyone is safe. Everything will be fine and I wish you a good summer!

Thanks, Egor, and all HF crew wishes you great summer as well. Maybe you can cook something for us when we meet the next time. And hopefully, it will be soon! Until then, all of you out there have fun -  in any version that makes you happy, and don’t miss our next week #StayHome with our Japanese rider Daisuke Watanabe.