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#StayHome with Måns Hedberg

7/5/2020 | Sara

Måns Hedberg is our Swedish fella and an indispensable part of the HF crew. And so our last quick interview #StayHome with... we created with him. Put the finger in the nose, or not? That is the question… And why is the life in Sweden not so hard right now anyway? Read, enjoy, and get some of that May sun at your balcony or outside in nature.

S: Hello Måns, let’s start with the basics - how are you doing, and how your last weeks looked like? Stucked at home, or?

Måns: I’m doing good in these hard times. Actually here in Sweden, it is not super strict with outdoor activities. So I have been up north in Sweden filming street and some backcountry. Right now I’m back home and planing another trip up north.

S: Great for you folks in Sweden then! How is the situation there overall right now?

Måns: I would say that Sweden is “lucky” or a good listener. We’re taking the advice we get and so on. So we’re not having anyone that says it is forbidden to be outside for example.


S: That’s good to hear that people are following orders from the government. Do you feel any changes in your daily life? Did COVID cancel some of your big plans?

Måns: Of course I feel a change, It’s always in your mind, you always think twice before you put your finger in your nose, haha. I had a lot of plans this spring but now when nothing is happening I’m just trying to get most out of it. Doing things under the radar.

Måns Hedberg - @hedbergmans

S: Hmm, yummy nose :-D What are your tips to destroy boredom, if people wouldn’t have a computer, internet, TV, and so on, at home? 

Måns: Stand upside down on your hands. At least 60 seconds, that’s super good for a reset. After that get fucked up and scream.


S: Lol, first I read “and get ice cream”, but screaming is probably better to reset, haha. Tell me three snowboard movies you highly recommend to watch?

Måns: F.O.D.T “STATE OF MIND”, The Future Of Yesterday, and Afterlame!

S: Nice choice! And now my usual quick questions:


Favorite website to get the latest news from the snowboard world?

Last Resort With Stan.


Japan or Canada, and why?

Japan, because I have never been there, haha.


Your two best buddies to ride with?

Sven Thorgren - @sventhorgren and Niklas Mattsson - @nik.mattsson

Sven Thorgren, Måns Hedberg and Niklas Mattson.

Summer on snow or summer on the water?

Summer on snow.


Favorite Instagram account to follow?

Jerry - @jerryoftheday.


Favorite movie since you were a child?

Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love, 1998) - Swedish legendary movie

Cooking or baking, and what would it be?

Cooking, biiig barbecue.


S: And since we can see you as a model on most of our men product pieces, tell me 3 pieces from Horsefeather Spring/Summer 2020 collection you fancy the most?

Måns: Oooh hell yeah, the best three pieces for me are T-Shirt FAB - Imperial Blue, Long sleeve t-shirt Spaz - Lava Red, and hoodie Grant - Lemon ????

S: See guys? Måns on all three pictures, haha. Would you like to say something to our fans in the end?

Måns: Stay healthy and strong! We will see each other soon.



Thank you Måns, and hopefully, see you soon at some HF meet n greet. Enjoy the summer on snow, take care of your nose, and have fun during some big grill session. Even we don't know how is the situation in your country right now guys, but if the restrictions are getting better as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland, Spain, and so on, that's great, just don't forget that it doesn't have to be over yet. And so, stay safe!

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