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Vlado from Top on Trail: We'll equip you for biking from head to toe

19/6/2024 | Horsefeathers / Renča

Vladimír Babčaník, along with his wife, started a fantastic family business, an e-shop called Top on Trail, which dresses and equips every biker from head to toe. With a brick-and-mortar store in Havířov and an online shop that began as, now under the Top on Trail brand, they offer everything from Five Ten shoes to Horsefeathers clothing. Let's take a look at how it all started and where their plans are headed.

Hi Vlado, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what role you play at Top on Trail?

I am the co-owner of Top on Trail, with my wife being the other co-owner, making it a family business. I am responsible for the operation of the brick-and-mortar store, the online store, suppliers, and so on. My wife takes care of administrative and accounting matters.

How and when did Top on Trail come into existence? Is there a story behind it?

Initially, we had an e-shop called, which focused solely on Five Ten bike and outdoor shoes. However, the Five Ten brand created its own e-shop, and we were ordered to stop using the name fivetenshop, so we had to rework everything. That's how Top on Trail was born. Since we changed the name, we decided to expand our offer to include other brands. One of the first brands we added to our portfolio was Horsefeathers.

And how do you perceive this collaboration?

Great. Horsefeathers is a well-known brand in the Czech Republic, and people recognize it. As for HF bike apparel, it was a bit challenging at first because the competition among bike brands is extremely high. However, it gradually improved, and now you can see that people specifically seek out Horsefeathers bike gear.

Have you had the chance to try any HF bike gear yourself?

Absolutely. Along with my colleagues at work, we use HF bike goggles like Scorpio and Patriot, jerseys, and even our kids wear HF children's bike jerseys. We love trying everything we sell, and I have to say, we're very satisfied with them. They are great, both in terms of material and fit, and they are also functional.

What can customers find at your store?

We dress and equip bikers from head to toe. Our range includes everything related to clothing - from socks, shorts, pants, jerseys, jackets, helmets, goggles, gloves, to protective gear. Basically, everything. When it comes to brands, Horsefeathers is our dominant one. Additionally, we have bikes, complete accessories, and also shoes for biking and outdoor activities.

What bike disciplines do you focus on?

Gravity disciplines - downhill, enduro, and gravel. But we also have bikes for the general public, and this year we have added e-bikes to our range. We also offer servicing at our store.

How do you choose the brands you want to collaborate with?

We like brands that already have a reputation in the community, but we also add lesser-known, new, or unique brands. We are constantly expanding our portfolio, but we follow the principle that quality > quantity.

You also have a brick-and-mortar store in Havířov, why did you choose this particular location?

My wife is from Havířov, Czech republic, I'm from Žilina, Slovakia. We met in England, initially worked there, and when we returned, we settled in Havířov.

Do you support any bike events?

Yes, we run an entire series of downhill disciplines - the Czech Downhill Top on Trail Cup. It's a series of 7 races held throughout the Czech Republic, so that's where our main support goes. Last year, for example, we were at the Czech Pumptrack Championship together with Horsefeathers, and then at a few other bike events. We also have our own ambassadors and support various bike riders, such as Dominika Durčáková, Aleš Hanzel, Danek Havel, David Kesel, and others.

Do you have any plans and visions for where you want to take Top on Trail in the future?

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of brands and would like to establish a bike rental service as well, but we will see how things develop. The competition in the bike world is really tough.


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