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Horsefeathers Tech Deep Dive

27/1/2022 | Horsefeathers

The bulletproof quality of our outerwear is what we're proud of. We use advanced materials and technologies because we see the critical step towards not wasting finite Earth resources and human energy in producing long-lasting products. Fundamentally, it is what allows you to ride all day, every day—this all in a package that doesn't have to break your bank account. Learn more about our key technologies and materials in this Tech Deep Dive blog that sums it all. 


The Horsefeathers brand was founded by two snowboard enthusiasts and mountain lovers - Hanuš and Pavel. A team of people who share the same passion has gradually formed around them. It's no secret that at any time we have the opportunity to escape to the mountains - we go for it! We know how it feels when you have to sit in the office, and there is powder out there! But, after all, the mountains are our office. That's why our fundamental mission is to produce responsibly bulletproof products that will not break your bank.

We care where our stuff is made and how.

We feel that responsibility is the keyword regarding nature and the playgrounds we all love. For us, responsible is more than just sustainability, a term that became trendy and over-marketed in the last few years. Responsible goes deeper and means to think and learn before you act. Therefore we believe proper steps taken at the right time are the key. The critical step towards not wasting finite Earth resources and human energy is producing long-lasting products with bulletproof quality.

Long before this topic became a popular subject, we were interested in our influence on the environment, the people we work with, and how our products are made. We always wanted to know who makes our products, where and how. Pavel Kubíček, the Horsefeathers co-founder and head designer Pepe Šetele are in charge of the production. Both are passionate snowboarders, so they understand both communities. Pavel and Pepe have spent months on factory floors working with the factory owners and workers. We always need to know that people's conditions are safe and offer a positive environment. To make high-end technical products, the factories and people working in them have to be very skilled and operate in a good workplace setting.


Technical Outerwear & Apparel

Our technical products are manufactured in selected factories in Asia. We make sure that the conditions in which people make our technical jackets and pants are safe and offer a positive environment for work. And what is the best way to verify? See for yourself! That's why Pavel, co-founder of Horsefeathers, and Pepe, our lead designer, spent months on factory floors working with owners and employees. To produce bulletproof technical outerwear, factories and the people who work in them must be very skilled, have the best know-how, and work in an advanced workplace. Over the years, we have established lasting relationships with our producers, which in many cases have grown into friendships. Most of them have also visited us at our Headquarters in Pilsen, to see how we run our company. But, of course, being from a city that produces the best beer in the world does help ;)

Streetwear and accessories

We proudly produce a significant part of our streetwear and accessories in European factories, which lowers the CO2 emissions, as the total transports between factories, warehouses, and retailers are shorter. Over the years, we have established long-term partnerships based on high quality and continuous development.

The factories we work with are Bluesign and WRAP certified.

P-Life: Biodegradable packaging
Outerwear factory



Developed in collaboration with Taiwanese manufacturers who specialize in technical fabrics and yarns, this is our second generation of UltraTech® Recycled. To maintain the shell material’s key properties, the fabric is made from 50 % recycled polyester made from used PET bottles and 50 % virgin polyester.


UltraTech is a range of high-quality materials developed in collaboration with leading Taiwanese manufacturers. Designed to maximize performance across diverse conditions, UltraTech fabrics are manufactured in fully controlled facilities, using advanced processes: The technical outer shell is laminated with a fully waterproof and breathable membrane, then treated with a durable water repellent film. This process guarantees a high-performance fabric that is rugged and robust.


Durable Water Repellent coating is hydrophobic. It repels water, causing it to 'bead up' on the outer surface and stopping it from penetrating the outer layer. When water cannot penetrate the fabric's outer surface and saturate inner layers, breathability remains high, weight remains low, and performance is not compromised. We use only the C6 treatment that breaks down faster in the environment and has less potential toxicity to humans and wildlife.


The UltraTech manufacturers have their production processes and composition of the components assessed according to the bluesign criteria to optimize sustainability. Based on the strict bluesign standards, the manufacturers must act responsibly and sustainably concerning people, the environment, and resources. All relevant information must be disclosed to ensure consistent transparency and traceability of all processes. Components verified as sustainably produced are eligible to be bluesign approved.



Primaloft® Bio™ is the first-ever 100 % recycled, biodegradable synthetic fiber that biodegrades into 100% natural elements. We were one of the first board sports brands who joined the Primaloft® Bio™ Community. Primaloft® brings a new approach to sustainability without compromising its industry-leading performance and comfort throughout the garment's life cycle. Primaloft insulation contains up to 96% air. This makes it light, warm but breathable and retains its insulating properties even when wet.


The US military developed Primaloft® insulation in the early 1980s to provide its units with reliable insulation with an unbeatable heat to weight ratio. Primaloft insulation contains up to 96% air. This makes it light, warm but breathable and retains its insulating properties even when wet. Primaloft uses post-consumer recycled material (PCR) to create high-performance insulation. The PCR process starts with plastic bottles diverted from landfills, cleaned, and shredded into chips. These chips are transformed into PrimaLoft® fibers.


Vivo Eco is made up of 93 % recycled fibers from plastic bottles making this product very eco-friendly insulation. The fibers are extruded from recycled plastic bottles and 40 plastic bottles make up 1kg of the Eco93 fibers. This unique design will give you great performance for warmth and yet give an increase in breathability by 30 %. The insulation is penetrated by a series of small apertures that enhance breathability without decreasing the thermal insulating performance of the insulation. These holes through the insulation trap air to create a fantastic warmth consistency when in low activity, but also allow for the air and water vapor to flow through very quickly when the body temperature increases through high activity making this the most breathable insulation on the market today. With its great flexibility yet stable structure it provides excellent comfort when using garments.


Our PET insulation is made of PET resin and comprises thin compressible fibers. The space between these microfibers is filled with air that provides superior warmth without bulk and retains heat effectively even when wet. As a result, PET insulation is lightweight, dries fast, is very durable, with exceptional down-like softness, outstanding breathability, and excellent recovery ability after compression. These properties make it ideal for outerwear.

Primaloft Bio insulation
Clo Vivo Eco insulation


After several years of analyzing the possibilities of truly responsible and affordable solutions for our packaging, we are ready to present the following main steps that we have taken and implemented in our collections:


The packaging in which we pack our streetwear pieces is made from the waste of classic LDPE packaging. They are manufactured in the EU, again minimizing transport and thus eliminating CO2 emissions. We have also managed to reduce the size of the package by about half by smartly folding our products, which again saves emissions and space during transport. 


It is important that products that are coming from Asia will arrive in a good condition and undamaged that’s why we have chosen biodegradable plastic packaging with P-life® certification for this transport. P-life®: The world’s only proven oxo-biodegradable plastic additive. Our whole outerwear and technical apparel collection will now come in P-life® Oxo-biodegradable plastics. P-Life® oxo-biodegradable technology is an effective way to accelerate plastic degradation without harming the environment or compromising functionality. P-Life®is an additive that allows manufacturers to custom tailor the life of every plastic product they make, without lowering the product performance. When added to polyolefin polymers, such as polyethylene (PE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), P-Life® creates molecular scissions in the polymer chain, allowing oxygen to bond to the polymer and break it down into smaller and smaller compounds. These can be then naturally consumed by microorganisms, which convert the compounds into organic biomass. This technology results in a plastic product, that will begin to degrade in a few years (or even months) after its use, instead of decades or centuries of polluting the Earth.



Zippers from YKK are synonymous with quality and reliability. These extremely durable, easy-to-use, high-quality zippers are currently the global leader for performance technical-wear applications. Being smooth to operate and with less tendency to catch, or malfunction, these zippers can be easily utilized using one hand in even the coldest conditions. We use YKK on the majority of the products in our range.


Coats have been manufacturing threads for over 250 years. This experience means that their thread range results from decades of innovation and constant improvement and is known worldwide for being of the highest quality and incorporating many patented technologies. This results in some of the strongest and most reliable threads ever manufactured.


Magnetic snaps will be there for you whenever you forget to zip up your pocket. The pocket snaps close automatically thanks to the in-built magnet, so your keys, phone, or wallet stay where they should be.


Based on Tyler Chorlton’s love of loose pants, we have developed the Lift-leg System to protect the bottom hem of the pants from getting shredded by walking on hard surfaces. In addition, it’s super easy to lift and dropdown.


We’ve developed the Flexi Lock System on our bib pants with our team riders. This feature aims to protect their ribs when falling on rails or hard landings. Rugged plastic buckles are the last thing anyone wants to feel between the iron rail and the ribs. Our Flexi Lock System is flat, comfortable, and easy to use.


The kids grow in front of your eyes and we are now bringing a solution to how to keep their favorite outerwear for multiple seasons. With our Grow up system, the sleeve or leg length can be adjusted by 7 cm. A win-win situation for you, your wallet as well as the planet. So make it work, fits well and, most importantly, last longer.




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